1 minute monologues for kids

I mean… it’s not like I’m going to NOT eat them… I only get to eat every 10 years! Another year, he left the English language completely for quacks.

I have caused the kitten apocalypse. So skinny. Never, ever touch Mr. Rupert. But some days you don’t hear it.

And there’s no way I’m going to get rid of it today (under breath) or maybe ever. It’s because mommy was too busy making little old Cinderella’s dreams come true to think of a good name for me. Just think…I’ll have a brother, and I’ll get to live inside with the family. I looked around. I think I’m going to turn to stone. My mom was really upset and told me to get in the car. But didn’t I have everything anyone could want? Puppeteering is an art; it is a lifestyle not for the faint of heart. Oh no, a big moving wall of water is coming. Fine…I’ll stop and wait for you, BUT ONLY FOR A LITTLE BIT, I got an important business meeting!!!

Geez. Look at how friendly she is! The other one was a chemical that has been shown to bring people back to life. “Mom. I’m never going to be a dancer; I’m never going to do the only thing that I was meant to do. I came back from my break, and everyone was missing, and I saw on the news that they were zombies. The monologues are free, and royalty-free. I read some of the letters he wrote, one was to a boy named Jacob. I’ve me work to do! I waded through the water, trying to keep from being pushed back by the rising waves. Crazy, right? I’m more awake the I was before!

It’s a girl. The pros? What do I do? Pretty clever, huh?

I guess she didn’t like it.There is something that I’ve been hiding from everyone I know. Wait, what if they know that I skipped school last week. It has been a long and treacherous, unforgiving path, especially with the invention of keto diets. (Looks behind him.) (pause) Right, plus what I had morning.

His name was Alex.

Yeah, I was happy that I got it but the didn’t have to practically make me cry beforehand. I can see the greediness in his face. Just as I suspected, I saw no husky man sitting on our couch- just a duck. Or maybe she just got tired of defending me.

Because of last weeks’ “events,” we are going to try this again. If I don’t, I get zapped, except I can’t do that because my “home” is made of concrete and I can’t sit on the “grass” without getting a rash! Over and over, waiting for a Prince to rescue me. My mother was screaming over me, but she sounded far away. Let’s pretend this never happened.Captain Hook, I’m so sorry but I have something to tell you. Where will we live? Then what do you do? I’m the smartest of all da leprechauns. That is such a lie. How about this armchair here, the green velvet really compliments your eyes… I remember the days when my eyes were that bright… You look a little nervous dear. That’s right. She said,” Well, sweetheart, if you can’t make any friends, why don’t you create one?” At that very moment, I was created. Yup. And I’m doing it today not tomorrow. Now Samantha please leave before I make you.

It’s run away a few times, too. At first it was blisters. We won’t know for a while. )I’m definitely an adult now! Maybe sometimes there is a reason for the warning labels. I was so happy! My little brother is supposed to write an essay about the civil war. My dad was a phony and a liar and I hated him. All of us are different and stereotyping girls and guys gets us nowhere. Seriously? There’s a pair of glass slippers on my feet! It’s okay to tell me. In fact, we provide a wide range of self-help books that are mandatory reading if you choose to work here.

I don’t know why she hasn’t been complaining about it until now. But I am so, so good! You see, last week, I was in the turkey orphanage. )Guess what I saw hidden in my parent’s closet? I will strike at midnight, and they won’t see it coming. HE should be put on the naughty list, for a change! The cat had come back, and I could hear it mewing from the other side of the door. You see, every Halloween, my dad dressed up as a duck. I am a leprechaun, and indeed, we stand at the end of my rainbow with da pot ‘o gold right about here. Eat breakfast. What did I do?

I used all my strength to save her. And sleeping? Oh, there’s nine and ten. Well, that’s a good question.

Don’t even get me started about babies who cry no matter what I do. I didn’t know what to say. Great!… Deep breath … After I calmed down, I thought,never mind, it will still be my story, I’ll just look a bit different.‘Come and visit the set,’Bob says, ‘See how we’ve brought your story to life.’Well, I walk in and there’s sand everywhere and it looks like a holiday brochure for Tunisia. I mean seriously how did you not see this coming, look at me. I’m not going to be homeless. Over here!” Uh oh.

But then, last week, a very nice farmer came by and out of all the turkeys in the pen, he picked me to come home with him!
If not there may just have to be a magical interference between the prince and Miss Cinderella. )So, Cheryl asked me to watch her puppy, Oscar.

You’ve thought so much that the big black blanket is now suffocating you. Truly mine. Don’t know how the heck he got up onto the cabinet. And then dinner comes around and whose Dad grilled out and whose sister baked a cake? Ms. Daniels is going to grade our papers right now? Looking for and finding the right monologue is never an easy task. Instead, I laid down on the mossy ground and imagined life as a bug.As a fork, I can proudly say that we are the superior utensils. Free Monologues for Kids and Teenagers Drama Notebook 2020-08-06T15:38:29+00:00 Drama Notebook holds a Monologue Contest every month from September to May, (extended to run throughout the summer during the 2020 Covid19 crisis) for students ages 6-18.
At first all seemed normal… until I realized I was huge!

This collection, or any part thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner without the express written permission of the publisher (Drama Notebook).

She keeps talking on and on and on!

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