308 vs 9mm

I am not familiar with reloading practices, so my query has been based on maximum capacity available in the casing. Remember, a .380 started World War 1 (it was the caliber used to assasinate Franz Ferdinand and his wife).Federal, HST 95gr. But in order to avoid confusion, I will not be referring to the .380 by any other name in this post.The .380 was designed to be a low-recoil round that was easy to manage but strong enough to neutralize oncoming threats.Unfortunately, the .380 never lived up to its true potential as a service pistol and was overshadowed by the performance of the 9mm. 9mm Para es demasiado penetrante y su energía es temible hasta las 500 ydas, 2) El Calibre .380 permite su uso en armas mucho más pequeñas en donde "sacar primero, tirar y pegar" resulta más importante, porque la distancia siempre es inferior a las 25 yardas. To compensate, I would state the following.

I bought the M&P 380ez. A 9mm averages at about 500 Joules. That is 11% shorter which means only 11% less powder => 11% less energy / stopping power. My wife has the same but we've worked her up to 9mm. My personal feeling is that a well placed small caliber round is far more effective than a larger caliber round not well placed.

Pistol has become more manageable by the availability of the ported models. The 380 was easy for me in comparison. It just doesn’t outperform the 9mm in any way except for weight and size.

What is being suggested here makes a ton of sense.Cost should be considered as well. "A .308 does 6d10 damage to small and medium targets, but does an additional 2d10 to large creatures such as dragons. It is for home defence because getting a CC in Maryland is tough to say the least.I didn't know about that gun.

At 10 yards with a modified Weaver stance, it'll keep 3" groups all day. Great pistol. While there are a few technical differences between the two, most refer to them simply as “the 308.” If you’re familiar with historic battle rifles like the M14, H&K G3, FN FAL or the M60 machine gun, then you’re f… The other side of the equation for energy is the weight of the bullet, .380 ACP normally tops out at about 100gr bullets while 9mm normally doesn't start until at least 115gr.

While .380 ACP is x17mm Vs. 9mm Luger's x19mm, it is not 11% less powder or 11% less energy. . Blocky. Thus, 11% less case does not always mean 11% less powder. You can check out the I was going to suggest the same gun, Eric. It was remedied when I switched to Hornady Critical Defense. 1) EL cartucho .380 es mucho más adecuado para ser usado para defensa en la ciudad.

As we all know, shot placement is king. I like the grip safety. My shot placement is much better with the .380 because I feel more comfortable. I am very comfortable on range with 9mm.

Remember, the .380 isn’t an ineffective round by stretch of the imagination. And I think the reason is that they are pretty much all .380 and up. The length of the bullet is also important, this is generally impacted by weight since fitting more mass in the same diameter requires either a heavier material or making it longer. El Cal. Instead, what we should be asking is “which caliber is better Various 9mm Glocks of difference sizes, courtesy of When we’re looking at power, the 9mm unanimously beats the .380 every time. Higher PSI means more force acting against the bullet to accelerate it out of the gun. They killed thousands of men in Civil War and out west. The only reason? La clave de su éxito está en sus 35.000 psi, frente a las 22.000 psi de los mejores cartuchos .380 browning. Check it out!Love the hand feel of 380 but I would never use mine as personal defense...can’t get through a magazine without a jam....like the size, feel, and accuracy..don’t like ... my Bersa...would like another...more reliable...sleep with my CZ...it works all the time

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