4 inch vs 6 inch recessed lighting 2019

I will definitely think more about options for over the sink. Unless I rip down the ceiling, which has insulation in it, just as winter is approaching. There are several questions to ask yourself here e.g. If so I would just go with those as you know you like them?Need input on what size recessed lights and light layout for kitchen.LED recessed light in kitchen in place of fluorescent lightsWe needed new construction housings, and opted for the Halo H995icat LED housing and will use the compatible retrofit LED trim kits. Recessed lighting may be your answer. Attached is a picture of a Kitchen which had LED and Halogen lighting.

I have a very similar setup as your kitchen as well as the breakfast nook, so it helps give me some perspective. The key is bulb selection and you begin by finding out what is in those cans now and what the max rating is for your housing and trim. The second part is the trim, the only part that shows on the ceiling.

But his threads are dated now and I was looking for current product/brand recommendations. These are wide floods so there are no issues with pooling or shadows. The retrofits are available online from Home Depot for around $30.

The contractor wants to start lighting in two weeks. So funny that you like the ones up stairs, they are the bottom of the recessed ladder while the ones downstairs are much better quality. We used the Halo ML5609930 LED Module, which features 746 lumens of light output, 90+ CRI, and 3000ðK color temperature ($73 at The 4" options available did not have nearly as many lumens.

And...of course it is a 6". Our electrician will install whatever we want, but says he generally prefers Halo. You can pick the kind of bulb you want to use, though, and whether you want it recessed in the can or more flush with the housing.

Over 100 lumens per watt! The edges of rooms do not generally require a lot of lighting, but even then, it is good to ensure that the whole room is visible, especially if you are the type that gets freaked out by shadows and invisible areas.Due to their more compact size, 4 inch lights may help you save on your power bill as they do not consume much power. You also need to know the maximum wattage you can use in the ones downstairs. I'm going to look into it on-line but I am weary of everything I want being complicated!

As of now, we don't have recessed lights at all. I think the 4" would require too many lights and look like swiss cheese, but maybe that's because I'm not used to them.I have also noticed that there seem to be few choices in the 5 inch middle of the road size and prices are higher. ceiling joists) in your ceiling. Some 5" pot light cans can take a 75W lamp which is nice sometimes. I saw a 2700 yesterday and it was really yellow compared to the other options.

I know the EcoSmart is 90 CRI so I'm not sure just how much difference that will make...maybe noticeable, maybe not. The common sizes for residential recessed light fixtures are 4" through 7" in diameter. Also, not all LED lights have the same dimming capability, in case that matters to you. You housings have a rating for a max wattage based on the insulation in the ceiling, if any in a downstairs ceiling. If you want to save a few bucks (for me it was several bucks since I'm needing 8 of these), try the one at Lowe's for $10 cheaper and 25 more lumens. In that situation, a transformer is added to the housing as a third component to reduce the voltage from 120 to 12 Volts. They didn't diffuse like the 6" bulbs I have seen.

Be sure you are supplementing with other light sources. Not a lot of difference. Sorry to be so long winded, but I think there are a lot of options for you once you understand the possibilities. Also the color of the walls will play a huge roll in the amount of useable light in the room. This makes it ideal for small rooms and surfaces where even an inch of space makes a big difference. If there are other options, please tell me what they are.

Many people like the inconspicuous look of 4-inch fixtures but the narrow light spread may cause you to need twice as many fixtures for the room’s square footage. For direct lighting LED's work well. I also have LED UCL.

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