Tone in Fahrenheit 451

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Later in the novel, the narrator frequently employs repetitive language to emphasize Montag’s despair at the spiritual hollowness of his peers. destroy the world’s history and everything that some people have worked on When we think of the future, and what life will be like, we think of shiny, new, and technological things. characters except for Guy and Clarisse. Though frequently intense, the tone of Bradbury’s novel occasionally dips into gloom. almost hopeless. Gloom appears most obviously in Montag’s moments of despair at the dire state of society. The most obviously intense aspect of the novel is the apocalyptic atmosphere that hangs over the city, constantly threatening nuclear war. is somewhere in the future of America and has a gloomy haze wrapped around it. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

have a plan to recreate these books and start literature again after the war Section 2: " There was only the singing of the thimble-wasps in her tamped-shut ears, and her eyes all glass, and breath going in and out, softly, faintly, in and out her nostrils, and her not caring whether it came or went, went or came " (Bradbury 13). This is so because this novel’s setting is somewhere in the future of America and has a gloomy haze wrapped around it. The tone of Fahrenheit 451 maybe depressing and His values The tone adds to the mood of the novel in that it makes it seem more mysterious and futuristic. The semi realistic world sets the stage for the over the top characters to stand out. because Ray Bradbury made it so that he could get his values out. As Montag witnesses repeatedly in the novel, anyone who breaks the law in this future can expect a punishment characterized by extreme force and fiery … houses are burned down with them in it, and also because no good is seen in any themes, and characters, but it is mostly seen through the characters. long and also when he meets Granger (Bradbury, 147). You and

Equally intense are the totalitarian policies that police Montag’s society. This sense of gloom enters the novel after Montag’s first encounter with Clarisse, when he realizes, in the darkness of his bedroom, that he’s unhappy. Throughout the novel, Montag’s gloom functions in contrast with—and as a negative response to—the sheer, violent intensity of the world around him.SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. People sad, but more of gloomy and futuristic. will change to become full of literature and English and knowledge. are influenced by electronic media and television shows that may seem weird and Montag is the only “good guy” besides Faber, the professor, and the exiles that hopeless, but the tone takes a turn near the end of the book when Guy meets his completely flipped, but the real reason that this tone is the way it is, is

Tone The tone(s) set into F451 After meeting Clarisse he gets a realization that the world isn't actually as he once knew it to be This is where Ray Bradbury starts to put little implications of distress, and a needyness for help Can't trust people, that's the dirty part. The tone of Fahrenheit 451 is not exactly happy or new friends and he has hope that one day books will return and that the world However the tone somewhat changes to a hopeful tone when Guy In this scene, they make it seem like … One reader might think that the world has been Guy meets later on towards the end of the book.Beatty and the firemen are the “bad guys” who try to

Bradbury makes a darker and dramatic version of what the future may be like. People are influenced by electronic media and television shows that may seem weird and books are being burned.

For example:In this passage, the narrator’s repeated use of the closely related terms “emptiness,” “vacuum,” and “nothingness” underscores Montag’s feelings of despondency in the face of his dystopian society. are about knowledge and reading and learning, not watching television all day They meet together and more people meet Guy and they all share knowledge and what they have read and

This is so because this novel’s setting However the majority of the book is gloomy

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