a very potter sequel script

'cause you were totally pwnd.The amazing (partial) soundtrack for the most successful internet-based parody musical of the Harry Potter series ever!

Harry and the others run into Lucius, but Draco stands up to him at last and recruits Yaxley to their side. But if we can't move forward, why shouldn't we move back? By the end of the show, either in their last scenes or curtain call, nearly the whole cast was crying, as was most of the audience.StarKid members remain active in the Harry Potter fandom, regularly attending and performing songs from all of their shows at fan events and cons.…the Lang brothers mentioned that a lot of the show is meant to be autobiographical and representative and a lot of what was being said in this song was incredibly heart-wrenching when applied to Darren’s position with StarKid, StarKid’s position with Harry Potter, and the Harry Potter fandom’s position in the world in general. So strap on your diapers because it's time to go back to Hogwarts!

Harry and the others feel all is hopeless, but Draco remembers that he has Lucius' Time Turner, which the group uses to travel back in time one hour.

For what is present without a beginning The two then begin a While everyone is preparing for the Quidditch match, Neville and Rita Skeeter find Lupin half-naked and covered in blood in the woods with the body of a dead doe, which he claims is part of a pre-game ritual. I wanna eat you up! ALL: I like your mystic rumors! that you get all the girls Contrary to this, Umbridge has become very clingy to Dumbledore, but when Snape and Dumbledore break the news to her, she goes back to being her old self, declaring that she will destroy Dumbledore and take his job as headmaster of Hogwarts.

I've never felt this way before...

Lupin can't sing,

To love princesses, maids, and queens?

The show begins with Harry's second year at Hogwarts.

IF YOU DO, STARKID COULD GET INTO MAJOR LEGAL TROUBLE. we're both just getting' along...

Lupin returns to tell the team that he messed up the schedule, but no one seems to care as they are all having too much fun making fun of Hermione. gettin' along!LUCIUS: A Very Potter Sequel AVPS soundtrack art MusicDarren Criss LyricsDarren Criss BookMatt Lang Nick Lang Brian Holden BasisHarry Potter by J. K. Rowling Productions2010 University of Michigan A Very Potter Sequel is a musical with music and lyrics by Darren Criss and a book by Matt Lang, Nick Lang, and Brian Holden.
I love the audience interaction, I wish I could have been there!

you're the one professor than any charm or potion could ever bring.

starcult, darren, criss.

you're the Bomb! Ron, Rita Skeeter, Harry, & Platform 9 3/4 - Harry Freakin' Potter 3. LUCIUS:

Why can't they leave me alone-- At the end, yes, Harry finds his place in the world, finds peace with himself, and saves the day while using a reprise of an old favorite song – but it wasn’t really the happiest ending. You're Harry Freakin' Potter! A chapter is very much closed, for him, for Team StarKid, and even for the StarKid and Harry Potter fandom at large, because we’ve dealt with the last book and the last movie, but we still had this, until now. LUCIUS: that you'd never run from danger …

DUMBLEDORE & UMBRIDGE: the way this arc incorporated music into the mystery/storytelling in a way that carried through the podcast with clues in music is just very good, and the songs are so fun to listen to. and show 'em that I'm something great!

Lucius gets free and tortures Hermione, making her howl in pain. DUMBLEDORE:

... From You-Know-Who,

By emmyjo476 Completed. What's-a matter with me?

We don't prefer Gandalf, Evil deeds with evil hands! [DANCE BREAK] [spoken] "No."

Hermione attempts to stand up for Harry, but the tables are turned on her as everyone makes fun of her for not being able to draw ("Hermione Can't Draw"). starkid, criss, starcult.

archived version of publicbroadcasting.net/michigan, Melbourne quartet Primo! DEATH EATERS: For there will always be guys like Potter. HARRY & THE KIDS: And she can not draw, What a brilliant evil plan!

THE KIDS: YAXLEY: who deserve more than absolutely anything for it's not over yet!

I'm sure HARRY: They wouldn't ever be in between... without a doubt DEATH EATER #1:


Evil plans!

Like betty crocker--


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