alumaweld talon vs hewescraft sportsman

Zlib compression enabled. I was where you are now, 7 years ago. im pretty sure the 18&20ft hewescraft sportsman only come with a 20" transom.

Your timing to buy should benefit you too. All good reports. This allowed them to stop putting in foam flotation which opens up a ton of space.

It worked great for over a decade.

Raider use to be a part of Hewescraft 25 years ago and are just 3 miles down the road from Hewescraft. Like rub rails, they keep the fenders/bumpers from rubbing and eroding the paint like most other aluminum boats experience whenever tied to a dock. All three have been great without any problems. It burns little gas.

One of the biggest things is room for coolers etc, are you going crabbing and if so where are you going to stow the traps and or coolers. The boat has a 140 Suzuki on it and I added a Yamaha T8 kicker. Would I like a 115? Ifish Community. 2017 Alumaweld Talon 16 2017 16' Alumaweld Talon The Talon is the perfect combination of serious fishing performance and affordability.

No place to put the anchor and line on the Hewescraft unless you use the cooler. I also really like the standard top they use on the Hewescraft as I can stand up while at the helm without hunching over. Its basically a Ford/Chevy debate. I like both Hewes and Alumaweld boats. Alumaweld now makes a 20 foot Stryker instead of the 19. This isn't my boat, I don't know who owns it. When we were boat shopping, my wife and I looked at all kinds of boats.

Where will I get the biggest bang for my buck? My limit will be 60K set up ready to go out the door with kicker,GPS,Downriggers,VHF . The basic hull is pretty similar.

Lots of boat owners only put a couple hundred hours on their rides.

Lot of boat for the $$.“Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite, and furthermore, always carry a small snake.”BD is a yacht site now, you need to be looking at something like this-Med's are kicking in! You'll get a better ride and be dryer, too.... you can get pretty wet in a 16'-17' boat.I agree with bushbear and tjn.

Limits are commonplace.

Test drive the boat you think you want with the motor you think you want before you sign anything. I have a 2014 20 foot Stryker with the duraframe top and love it. All the boats you are looking at are very similar. _____ It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming.

D. DrTheopolis Well-known member. We used it for bulky gear (kayaks, rafts, tubes) or the extra cooler now and then, Also as a platform for swimmers and divers.

Good luck. Save a few more bucks and finance this bad boy!!! Our Fishing Towers have a variety of models, including: bent leg, straight leg, and rigid frame. It’s hard to believe that a hull this rugged can have a bow this sleek and outstanding fuel economy to boot—but that’s exactly why the Sportsman is so popular.

Good luck. I have a 20 foot stryker.

Thanks for the input

bass fishing, and deer hunting Ive been meaning to get back to this post and update which route I went with.

2017 Hewescraft 160 Sportsman Hewescraft is the number one selling heavy-gauge aluminum boat in CA because of their tough construction, roomy fishing areas and value.

Upgraded from a smaller smokercraft in early 2010 and was going back and forth between Hewescraft and Alumaweld. Just wondering.


I don't know much about Hewes. I really haven't looked much at the Stryker but I know its a comparable boat to the Hewes. My boat is a 2011 and its is holding up ok but I don't think it will last my whole life by any means. much better boat Plus more storage and seating for 4.

This isn't my boat, I don't know who owns it. Hey fellas, So Im getting ready to pull the trigger on my new boat and Im seriously leaning towards the 180 Hewes Sportsman. They seemed like great guys, wish they were closer. Pretty good deal right there.

When You Need a Little More.

Doc, back a few years I drove from Portland to NW Marine. I ended up going with a 16' Hewescraft Sportsman and it was a great boat. I looked at all you have mentioned except Allied, and I opted for the Northwest. Raider has a local dealer in Portland with a Suzuki tech in the shop. The two boats are very similar except check out the deadrise.

The Hewes has served him well for a number of years now but if the price is close to the same I think you will find the fit and finish on the Alumaweld quite a bit better. It's "ok" in the chop. Wondering if the 21" would be better for more fishing deck. I had three fiberglass before I bought my first metal boat and it took me 5 years of looking before I bought.

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