any way the wind blows hadestown sheet music

feat: Hades leaves the factory to find someone who will appreciate the safety and comfort of Hadestown. He decides to leave their fate in Orpheus' hands: the couple can leave together, but Orpheus has to lead them out. Hades arrives, and Orpheus confronts him.

While Hades and Persephone promise to give their relationship another try the next time she returns to Hadestown, Orpheus begins the walk out of Hadestown with Eurydice following him ("Wait for Me (Reprise)").


feat: As winter progresses, Orpheus continues to write music while Eurydice urges him to work so they can have food and shelter ("A Gathering Storm"/"Epic II"). feat: Orpheus makes it right up until the very end of the journey, when he is overcome with doubt and turns to look for Eurydice – only to see that she's been right behind him all along, thus condemning her to stay in Hadestown forever ("Doubt Comes In"). feat: In the fever of a world in flames / In the season of the hurricanes / Flood will get you if the fire don’t / Any way the wind blows / And there ain’t a thing that you can do / When Orpheus sings the complete version of the song he'd been writing all this time, reminding Hades of his love for Persephone ("Epic III"). feat: Any Way the Wind Blows, Hadestown Sheet music for Vocals ... the full size. feat: The group I arranged this for is unable to perform it now because of the coronavirus. feat: On October 14, 2016, an EP was released featuring four songs from the musical, recorded live on June 28 and 29, 2016.In August 2019, it was announced during an episode of Mitchell released a concept album based on the musical, working on it for over a year. feat: feat: Based on the 2019 Original Broadway Cast Recording of Hadestown. Hermes, now somber, reflects on the story's ending; he does so via a reprise of the first song, and so begins to tell the story again. In explanation, he remarks that no matter how many times they sing it, people always hope for a happier ending—and that this is the value of continuing to sing the tale, and of Orpheus's gifts: "[to] make you see how the world could be/in spite of the way that it is.” Thus, he says, the story is “a love song/for anyone who tries" ("Road to Hell (Reprise)").

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