avengers fanfiction natasha protective of peter

by lcmurray_fanfic05 Follow. Favorite : Natasha let Peter go and stood up but didn't turn around to look at Clint (well since she still angry for pranking Tony). An Avenger's Guardian. Tony had a feeling that they'd probably get along great."So..."

"There was nothing fluffy about it! An Avengers Revelation. Just a bunch of oneshots of Natasha being a momma spider #babyspider #marvel #mommaspider #peterparker #romanoff #spiderson.

Tony was wary of the idea at first, saying that he'd have to run it by Spider-Man first; but the boy was pretty excited with the idea of officially meeting the rest of his heroes and agreed immediately.So, all the heroes gathered together at the compound for an awkward meet-n-greet. First story, please enjoy. The boy actually sounded surprised that he called... or was it just that he was yelling over some kind of loud noise in the background? Natasha encounters a galaxy of new lovers. ""Open a..." Tony glanced to the row of windows- ignoring the strange looks he was receiving from the others- and felt as if his heart stopped for a second as he saw Spider-Man swinging as fast as he could to the side of the building. In learning about herself she crosses over with an unlikely character as well as her true mistress. "The window slid open a second before Peter came hurtling through, landing right on one of the sofas.The room was quiet for a second before Peter started laughing.

An Avenger's Possession I almost made it here after that when a car lost control and I had to stop them by shooting a web to the back end of the car and another to a tree, but the tree was home to a hornet nest that started chasing me and-"Tony held up a hand to stop the boy, allowing him to take a breath. "Hey, Peter." "Whatever. Peter looked mortified as he glanced between Tony and the Avengers, "That's not true! Tony snapped out of his shock and walked over to the boy. ""I know right?"

Story Tony smirked, winking at the Avengers who couldn't help but laugh at Peter's increasingly reddening face. Send to Friend. I think a 5-foot-8 rocket slamming into the tower could be a threat! Where are you?" Peter : "Uncle Clint!!!" The Black Widow is forced to re-evaluate her role as a new Avenger. Peter look at the corridor and notice Clint from a far. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Mean Avengers except for Clint and Thor 3.2K 67 30. by lcmurray_fanfic05. Clint is also, Nat's bio brother. "You have perfect timing! Share via Email Report Story Send.

This is not a Avenger and Spiderman'x reader' story just a couple of one-shots of moments between the Avengers and Spiderman/Peter Parker. "Yeah hi, it's me.

Discover (and save!) "A giant party with Star Wars paper plates and a bouncy castle. "So this is Spider-Man?"

His eyes went wide as his mouth slammed shut, and Tony could tell he was trying to restrain himself from freaking out.The genius glanced back at the others as well, almost laughing at the majority of their shocked faces. He turned back to the boy and snapped his fingers in Peter's face. #angst #avengers #bonding #comfort #fluff #help #irondad #jealousy #protective #spiderman You could have broken every bone in your body if I hadn't opened the window in time! A lot of the Avengers had fought against him in Berlin, so none were too happy with the idea of figuring out just how young the boy really was and acknowledge that they had lost to someone younger than them.When the drama over the Accords had settled and the Rouges had come back to the right side of the law, Steve did think it would be a good idea to meet the two new members on the teams. "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT STAYING INT THE JET!" Protective Tony Stark; Protective Natasha Romanov; super family; The Avengers turn into a great big family; Brainwashing; Peter is a soldier ; PTSD; This might get confusing at times; I think it turned out well though; POV Peter Parker; Summary. ""Tell that to my bank account." Think you could open a window for me? Peter Stark went missing as a baby. Peter Parker Meets the Avengers; Protective Peter Parker; Angry Peter Parker; Tony Stark Needs a Hug; Tony Stark Feels ; Steve Rogers is kind of annoying; Not Steve Friendly; Summary. Tony took notice on the fact that his boy was running late, a hint of panic coming through. ""Yeah, and he's making me pay for everything," Tony chuckled as he ruffled Peter's hair and hooked an arm around his shoulders.

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