avicularia avicularia male vs female

For example: Avicularia The other, and not so reliable method is by looking at the tarantula itself, either ventrally (underside) or dorsally (topside) which we'll cover later in this article. The spermathecae is being manipulated with a toothpick.

These photos I personally took and was very careful about selecting for this article, I wanted to make sure they easialy and accurately showed the visual differences between the two genders.Keep in mind that typically the younger the specimen the specimen is, the more subtle the differences. Not only do males mature much faster than their female counterparts, but there are often many physical differences between a male and female of the same species. The female has a darkish brown body but a blonde head (carapace) and sometimes blonde leg segments. Sometimes the lighting can play tricks on us, and lightening photos can sometimes reinforce sometime that was never really there. How long it needs to soak depends on how large and how dry it is.

Avicularia is a genus of the family Theraphosidae containing various species of tarantulas.The genus is native to tropical South America.Each species in the genus has very distinguishable pink foot pads. Of these two B. hamorii/smithi (Mexican Red Knee) can you tell which one is the mature male and which one is the female?The male can identified (top) by the presence of his "boxing gloves". The mature pinktoe tarantula has a dark-colored body and pinkish feet, hence its name. the gender of a specimen is to look at it's molt/exuviae.
One of the most notable features of the Avicularia species is their odd method of defense. You can use the looking method to visually sex the actual tarantula two ways, by , that is looking at the tarantulas ventral side, the underside of it's abdomen                                 Ventral comes from latin  meaning belly, stomach or womb.

No one starts off good at it, In my early hobby days can recall going crazy because I couldn't detect any difference. If the molt gets eaten you’ll have to wait until next time for the chance to revel it’s gender. While a female can be identified by the confirming the presence of a spermathecae, a male can be identified by confirming the Pictured below is a female Grammostola porteri (Rose Hair). Females are prized among hobbyists for their larger size, longer lifespans (some species can live decades!) and ability to produce eggsacs. Some other desert species of tarantula look similar.
This is often one of the biggest questions that goes through a keepers mind when acquiring a new tarantula. There are many gender-defining characteristics potentially visible from the Mature Male C. cyaneopubescens (Green Bottle Blue) "Boxing gloves" are circled left & tibial hooks are circled rightAlso notice the lankier overall appearance, including longer legs and smaller, more narrow fangs of the mature male...Mature Male C. cyaneopubescens (Green Bottle Blue) below:...when compared to a mature female of the same species?Mature Female C. cyaneopubescens (Green Bottle Blue) pictured above.What about this photo? Occasionally I see an unusually stocky or more “feminine”  immature male. If the gender is unknown no gender will be stated and the specimen will be sold as "un-sexed". Is it male or female? I must warn sexing from photos can be difficult to impossible. Female Avicularia avicularia (Pink toe) Enclosure clean out - Duration: 8:46. With over 30 years combined tarantula keeping experience we still do not know of any method to determine the gender of spiderlings. Look at lots of tarantula undersides. If we come across even semi-reliable method to sex spiderlings I will update this article with instructions.Getting an intact, read-able molt is a feat in itself...You must be quick to grab the molt soon after the tarantula has shed it's skin or else the tarantula is likely to much on it. There is no flap/presence of a spermatheca confirming this male. The darker the color, the harder it typically is for memas well.Still, determining gender from a photo is very difficult and even those (such as myself) with some experience ventral sexing will likely have much more difficulty sexing from a photo vs being there, looking at the We appreciate if those refer to this and other resources online for general sexing, and to try to get eyes on your own spider(s) to gain the experience to get better at sexing. I then choose the lighter-colored Aphonopelma chalcodes (Arizona Blonde). Those tarantulas are sold as "unsexed" because we are unable to determine, or even guess their gender at this time. 1) Avicularia, I suspect she may be A. braunshauseni (Goliath Pinktoe) due to her size, or could just be a standard Avic avic - large female with about a 5-5.5'' legspan. Make sure the molt is completely soft With the molt pliable, carefully unwrap the abdomen section. If you locate an uterus externus and spermatheca your tarantula is a female. Examine the molt to look for the presence of a . as once a male has reached his mature (also known as "final" or "ultimate" molt) he can be easily identified and his gender 100% confirmed by the presence of his male reproductive organs. Many species of tarantulas exhibit sexual dichromatism, meaning that upon maturity the males and female will differ in coloring: Did you know that different tarantula species have different spermatheca shapes? This article is using photos of an adult and sub-adult lighter-colored species, the absolute best I could find for this job from my vast collection. You will get better with time and experience!Here are some easy to spot visual characteristics between mature males and mature females:...that don't require looking at their underside. She has a 5 inch (13cm) leg span.

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