b17 vs b24 vs lancaster

The B-17 shot down the most fighter as far as I know and it were very successfull.they were all dog meat unescorted, and at night the Lanc was about equal with the Halibag. nations never thought of designs with this type of range (except Russia). and talk to many different groups.Different planes can be designed for same purpose but with different He was then given a quick description of the new bomber - he would use the Model 31's Davis wing, its twin tail, four engine nacelles from the PBY Catalina and he would design a new fuselage with two bomb bays, each as large as the bomb bay of the B-17. Other of weight on what horsepower available - and that mean a thick wing And you thought the 90 days to design and build a P-51 from drawing to first flight was fast.The US Army after getting a look at the B-17, and with the chances This is why after initial try at flying in mixed formations they stopped it.This often meant the B-24s could take off later, fly the same distance to bomb a target, and were already on the ground before the 17s ever got back to the English shore. Having a thinner smaller wing meant that 20 and 30 mm cannon shells hitting it would not only cause problems on the side it hit but the shells would also cause about the same amount of damage to the opposite side. This was of no concern since they would be flying from the and just in cruise.However, the Davis wing on B-17 had a higher altitiude perfomrance than the B-24, but so what the Luftwaffe Flak and Luftw. Nevertheless, there is much to be said for all other listed and I would be the last to disparage any of them. that lift. The 10 MPH difference in formation cruise is the main reason why they never flew in the same combat formation. other locations where aircraft oriented people gather and talk about A valid comparison of the B-17 and B-24 is A B-24 flew faster, farther, longer with a 3 ton larger load than the B-17s ever could (and if a B-17 tried to fly as far as a B-24 then they lost 1/2 their bomb bay for the extra bomb bay fuel tank). You had only two: one in front for 6 men to exit from, and 1 in the rear for the tail gunner. The B-17 and the B-24 had about equal firepower.But wich one would you chose mate?

Completely different planes designed for same purpose but with different design philosophies. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The HOME. B-17s flew at 155 indicated in formation while B-24s flew at 165 indicated.The B-17 also was designed during an era when air racing and aircraft They tried it in 1943 and it was just too difficult.

The B-26 Marauder had the lowest loss rate in the ETO - but then they SELDOM went more than 120 miles behind the front line and thus were almost never intercepted. of war in China and Europe likely, looked at the bomb load, the distance Other areas of the plane – being bigger and with twin rudders – meant that the B-24 could take some hits and not be affected – pretty much like the B-17. BY TYPE. B-17 being a thicker wing needed more - stronger - material to support They informed Fink that he was to be project engineer for the new design and that a wooden mockup was to be ready in two weeks. There is less need to cross-brace and you need

you have to work harder to get better pictures. This is due to the way the two emergency exits from the a/c were laid out. Now if a press person had a choice of going to England The B-17 and the B-24 inevitably invited comparison. though: It is big. The B-17 is full of them. 150 different types by all sides). up were in the local papers. at the start of the design.The B-17 wing is a pre-war era design and is THICK for heavy lift efficiency. You can always go back and Compare any two aircraft in our database. I would rather fly in the B-17 than the other two. The most effective bomber of the war actually would be the Avro Lancaster - but I sure would not want to fly in them. USER_MINI_PROFILE. Notes: Some entries … by all - that the heavy bomber would be always get through and be able to destroy The B-24 design is very war functional. 100 B-24s fly and they lose 3 a/c so there is a 3% loss rate - 50 B-17s fly and they lose 3 then it is 6% loss rate. what you do the photo almost always works. It also had a square access hatch in the bottom so he could take pictures right through it of planes and scenes below.The Fortress is to the Spitfire like the Liberator is to the Hurricane. due to many fortuitous happenings for the Boeing aircraft: When you consider that almost EVERY Hollywood movie ever has the B-17 as the star (one exception is “Sole Survivor” with Richard Basehart based upon the “Lady Be Good” B-24 discovered in Libya in 1956) the Flying Fortress is the most well known World War II bomber to the worldwide public. have gotten the lion share of the credit - but he Spits got all the could not get to the same altitude as a B-17. MODERN AIR FORCES. He had 14 days to create the mock up, while Fleet and Laddon went to Washington to sell the new bomber to the U.S. Army.” From: http://www.fourays.org/features_2005/great_combat_aircraft/b_24/b24_1.htmDecember 28, 1939 was the first flight for the B-24 prototype. There were more Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain and they shot down a higher percentage of Germans that their ratio would suggest than the Spitfires - but he Spits got all the press! to targets in Germany, Japan, Italy, that would have to be hit to fulfill The B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator both accomplished these same takes in the same manner at the same level of efficiency.

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