blood ties vicki and henry fanfiction

In Blood Pact, Vicki was mortally wounded and Henry was forced to Change her to save her life.

Southern Charm by Hellz Blaze. More . Most people would think this sensible, what with him being a vampire and all.

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Just In. This can be seen in the opening credits of the show. "Hot date, sweetie?" "I don't think so." Vicki growled. Henry grinned, suddenly closing the gap between them in a flash and pressing his lips hard against her's so that Vicki was struggling to breathe again. "Not that I'm not pleased to see you." Henry knew better than to try to move, besides he enjoyed seeing Vicki in action.She crawled back onto the bed in just her underwear and slid her hands up Henry's thighs, making him moan in anticipation."Vix." When they were both completely naked, Henry positioned himself over her and thrust into her once, and then again, completely filling her again. The official murder investigation is led by Mike Celluci, incidentally Vicki's ex-partner (professionally and privately). "Have a good night, babe." When he spoke next, his voice was a low and primal growl."Vic!" Reviews are loved! "What are you doing here?"

She managed as she struggled to regain normal breathing. "Next time you need something," She said before they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. She muttered, wishing the cab driver would just leave her alone already. Coreen Fennel, originally a minor character from Huff's novel The books have some qualities that should appeal to a lot of fans, such as Thematically, stories might concentrate on the dynamics between the characters or on a monster of the week. The first two episodes follow Tanya Huff's first novel more or less closely and are thus aptly named The main characters are Vicki Nelson, Henry Fitzroy and Mike Celluci. He felt her hands reaching for the waistband of his tight black jeans and before she could proceed any further, Henry dragged her towards the privacy and comfort of his bedroom.Once there, Henry pushed Vicki down onto the bed and knelt either side of her body. The material cool against her naked, flushed skin. Victoria "Vicki" Nelson is a character in the Blood Books (Blood Price, Blood Trail, Blood Lines, Blood Pact, and Blood Debt) by Tanya Huff. "Who was it?" Forum. She added in a less accusatory voice, which provoked a smile from Henry. Blood Ties offers something for everyone, there is a healthy combination of gen, het and slash. Because Henry is a vampire and the shows gives viewers a few hints about his former lives, fanfiction authors can also come up with stories of Henry's illustrious past. Vicki said, surprising him by rolling over so that she was on top. "Mike asked me to take a look at a case he's working on and we decided to discuss it over beer and Chinese."

"Just ask."Vicki/Henry. Once again she felt like a teenager and had to remember that this was not a date, simply a chance for both herself and Henry to get what they wanted; what they desired.She decided to hail a cab, knowing that she probably wouldn't hold out for the amount of time it would take to walk to Henry's apartment building. Written by Hellz Blaze, first written 2008. Henry Fitzroy is a vampire and comic book artist.

Being the witness to a murder where the victim is left bloodless, brings her in contact with Henry Fitzroy, Toronto's local vampire and writer of bodice rippers.

Blood Books aka The Vicki Nelson Series Edit. ""I know." Henry on board, they must fig... #blood #bloodties #henryfitzroy #love. Vicki unzipped the now even tighter jeans and pulled them off Henry's legs.

10 Chapter 3. This series pairs a detective with a vampire. "Oh, just some kid from next door." Since the show centers around the three main characters Vicki, Henry and Mike (and adds a good amount of innuendo as well), every combination of these three is possible as a pairing: Vicki/Henry, Vicki/Mike, Mike/Henry and even Vicki/Henry/Mike. They heard Celluci yell again as well as movements from within Vicki's apartment. Who is it?" Fandom: Blood Ties Pairing: Henry/Tony, Henry/Vicki Prompt: Prompt #4 on fandom bingo. Vicki moaned at his touches, arching her back and her breathing growing more laboured. "Nice to see you too, Vicki." She let out a gasp followed by a moan as Henry sunk his teeth into her neck. TV » Blood Ties Rated: M, English, Mystery & Supernatural, [Vicki N., Henry F.] Mike C., Words: 15k+, Favs: 31, Follows: 10, Published: 2/20/2015.

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