british shorthair white blue eyes for sale

Although this breed is known for its blue coat, we have a British Shorthair for sale that has a different coat color. Litter trained, eat very well. We have extensive experience in breeding and grooming British Shorthair Kittens .As a British shorthair kitten breeder, We proud ourselves in maintaining a high standard of pet care and training in our British shorthair kittens. Contact the cat breeders below for British Shorthair Kittens For Sale.The British Shorthair is a large, sturdy cat with typically thick blue-gray fur and an easy-going, yet dignified personality. British Shorthair: Luxury ny1133 Beautiful Golden Point ny1133 British Shorthair Female with Beautiful Deep Blue Eyes. Purebred pedigrees, registration in the club, passport, microchip, vaccination, excellent education, organic food. Weighing approximately six to 12 pounds or more, the size of a British Shorthair for sale ranges from medium to large, thus catching a lot of people’s attention. By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of cookies. After 2 years WILSON turn into an elite white cat. Accustomed to the tray, good at making contact with people. Not generally playful or active, but very devoted and sweet-natured, the breed doesn't generally like to be picked up and carried. If possible, meet one or both parents. kitten of British Shorthair breed, color Shaded Silver Point (BRI ds 11 33) with blue eyes is looking for a new home. Our sister cattery, Minuet Kittens Cattery, breeds Minuet Kittens (formerly Napoleo how to create a website for free. If the parents have good temperaments, it's likely that their offspring will, too.The British Shorthair can successfully spend its life indoors and never needs to go out. Our incredibly beautiful golden shaded british shorthair kittens are available to reserve or buy now! Purebreed pedigrees, registration in cat`s club, vet certificate, microchip, vaccination, excellent education, natural food. BELLA loves people and attention.COOPER is consistently praised for her sweet and loving personality and her zest for life.DIEGO is a stunning little man and incredible mover.Evee is a cute and lovable Kitten ready for a forever home.Kyra is a precious registered Kitten and we could not be more pleased with her.Lilia has been having a blast working on her basic obedience skills, as well as conformation training.mOLLY is a stunning kitten.

Welcome to the web site dedicated to Cheshire Cats in "Alice in Wonderland" and force of "Puss'n Boots". Most cat lovers are drawn to British Shorthair kittens because of their round features such as their eyes, face, ears, paws, and most especially their body frame that makes them more huggable. The BSH the other folks received was soiled. So this is not an ideal breed if you want a lap cat. British Shorthair kittens. I’m sorry to say that if you are allergic to cats in general, you will be allergic to a British Shorthair. I found the best!

Kitten neutered.

We specialize in breeding classic, blue British Shorthair cats, Lilac,Silver, Golden Shaded and Cinnamon. Chunky gccf British short hair blue kittens. This breed, in fact, comes in a wide variety of coat colors and patterns. Males will weigh between 9 and 17 pounds, and females will weigh between 7 and 12 pounds.Although the British Shorthair is defined by its dense "blue" coat, with a subset of the breed known as the "British Blue," British Shorthairs can also have other coat colors and patterns. She is imported directly from Beralus with Champion Pedigree. But they are not the worst breed for allergies, thanks to their short coat; it’s in the name after all! I was so worried about picking a breeder who was reputable. Females tend to be more serious than males, but either way, you'll have a devoted shadow. Age 5 months. In addition, you will not have a hard time training it because this breed is also known for its cleverness. This breed, in fact, comes in a wide variety of coat colors and patterns.

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