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He ultimately came to realize that "it's all finite." "Sarah and Bryan Baeumler jumped right in to restore the 50-year-old hotel that would become their Caerula Mar Club resort.

"Sometimes tough calls had to be made when an aspect of the project began exceeding its budget; Baeumler explained they had to consider "how far do we go here until it doesn't make any sense financially anymore." "You can't sweat the small stuff," he told Pulling up their roots in Canada and moving to a small island in the middle of the Caribbean required a paradigm shift for Sarah and Bryan Baeumler as they embarked on the adventure documented in HGTV's As a contractor in Canada, Bryan Baeumler had been all about efficiency, with a goal of ensuring projects were completed on time and on budget, to exacting specifications. We'll admit it: we were pretty heartbroken when, earlier this week, blog Hooked on Houses basically confirmed that HGTV's "House Hunters" is totally fake. In fact, as HGTV's The new resort did not go unnoticed by travel magazines like When Bryan and Sarah Baeumler embarked on the massive renovation project chronicled in HGTV's As he explained, he'd been used to constructing a structure that would retain heat in order to keep occupants warm in the winters; in the Caribbean, however, "we have to build thinking inside out." Ultimately, "it really has surprised us how little you need to be happy and fulfilled," he said.© 2020 Read on to discover the untold truth of HGTV's While Sarah and Bryan Baeumler may be unfamiliar to American HGTV viewers, their series In those debut episodes, the Baeumlers say goodbye to their home in Canada and start their new life in the Bahamas' "It's the first project on HGTV where viewers will actually be able to come down and see the final result, and hang out with us and the entire family," Bryan Baeumler told the In terms of available accommodations, guests have the option of a 300-square-foot While Sarah and Bryan Baeumler may be new arrivals to Buying a rundown hotel on a tiny Caribbean island certainly wasn't the game plan when Bryan and Sarah Baeumler took their children on a family vacation to the Bahamas in 2017. The project at the core of The experience of renovating a Caribbean hotel led HGTV's He also said that he fully understood how making such a drastic decision — moving to a tiny island with a goal to ultimately run a tourist resort, something with which he and wife Sarah had no prior experience — may seem "kind of crazy" to most people.

It's no secret that viewers enjoy watching HGTV … "And as a father and a provider, all these fears — are my kids going to be safe, are we making a massive mistake?

While filming HGTV's This was the polar opposite of the family's experience on South Andros Island, where anything that can be reused or repurposed will receive a second life. The HGTV series Caribbean Life follows families as they leave mainland life behind and head to the Caribbean. There is all that," Bryan admittedIn addition, Bryan added, every member of the family has learned the difference between what they "want" and what they "need." Join their search for an affordable beach home as they tour gorgeous properties on white … Another big challenge, he explained was that they were working to restore "a 50-year-old hotel that is built the way it's built. What was Real and What Was Fake: The Inside Scoop on HGTV’s House Hunters International. THE REAL. Part of HuffPost Home & Living. "Things that will get you ramped up here in Canada — waiting five minutes for a coffee or waiting for someone to finish pumping gas — those aren't concerns at the forefront of people who live on a tiny island," he told the The renovation of the new Caerula Mar Club resort wasn't without issues.

"We're looking at recycling programs for plastic waste and we'll recycle that into pellets and packages that we can then resell to pay for the cost of the equipment to companies that will reuse that as a secondary source," he explained. We'll admit it: we were pretty heartbroken when, earlier this week, blog My friend Annie, a 30-something from the East Coast, had her home featured on "House Hunters International" in 2011--and believe it or not, has even juicier details to divulge. In preparation for filming season two of Home and Garden Television’s (HGTV) Caribbean Life, we asked 12 St. Croix homesellers to prepare their homes for filming four episodes (more than … However, he's also a firm believer in pursuing one's dreams, no matter how outlandish they may seem to those looking from the outside in. The home blog got a firsthand … While working on Caerula Mar Club during the filming of HGTV's "On the island, when the material you ordered doesn't show up or something is broken, you have no choice but to accept it, change your plan and move on," he elaborated in an interview with the However, this aspect of island living also gave the Baeumlers a fresh perspective. "We've literally seen houses finished with the material and furniture that came from the hotel, which is incredible," Bryan said.

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