cda in dachshunds

Possibly another pup would help, but I know it is a big commitment. At the moment, there is no DNA test for CDA (there is a DNA test for the dilution gene but it cannot differentiate between the version that causes CDA and the version that doesn't). CDA is a risk in the dilute color Dachshunds such as fawn and blues. We rescued two mini dachshunds one with aggression issues but we did what I have suggested to you and now we are able to go for walks, play and cuddles but it took time, but oh so worth the wait, love them both to bits, and even though their has been improvement the aggression is something we will always have to be mindful of.My Isabella male is now 13 plus years now. I went through this with one of my toy breed dogs. I am trying to find out if he is likely to get CDA? reactions and

They were about 8 weeks different in age, but my red one made my Isabella a much better dog. She was not so pretty … I have worked with hundreds of dachshunds over the past 18 years, and have never seen a cream doxie with allopecia.Just being blue or isabella does not guarantee that the dog will have CDA or any of the other issues those colors can have. There may also be nutritional recommendations to maximize skin health in the face of CDA.Due to the inherited nature of this disease, dogs with CDA, their parents, and their siblings should not be used in breeding programs. I am a small based breeder who strives to raise beautiful, healthy and happy babies with amazing personalities. This is a combination which has long been associated with canine deafness.For this reason, white-coated Dachshunds with one or both blue eyes are disqualified from the show ring.As well, certain patterns and markings are associated with specific health concerns in Dachshunds.Dilute (recessive) colors such as blue (a dilute of black) and fawn (a dilute of chocolate) are associated with skin sensitivity.This includes a condition called CDA, or color dilution alopecia.CDA can cause skin allergies, skin sensitivity, sunburn, thinning coat and skin infections.Skin cancer is more prevalent in dilute coated Dachshunds, and preventative vaccinations are less likely to work as expected.These dogs can have immune issues and a shortened lifespan.The Dapple (merle), Double Dapple and Piebald (white) Dachshund patterns have been linked to several serious health issues. There is no cure for CDA, only treatment of the symptoms and infections. Chocolate (and isabella) dogs are said to be “homozygous” – they ONLY have two chocolate genes.

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Smithville, Tennessee. Country Creek Dachshunds breeder of miniature dachshunds since 2014. If your dog has color dilution CDA typically causes thin coat, and abnormally short hair on what should be a longhair dog, making them look like a fuzzy toy with a lot of the fuzz worn off. Free shipping on prescription refills, pet food and more! He was like his security blanket. Long coats and smooth coats available through the year. My first standard brown dachshund (Cocoa) lived until 17 yrs. Breeder of AKC Registered Miniature Dachshunds 931-545-4009.

Make sure you put it on correctly. Fur falls out in patches on the

My ex and I are good friends now and Clarence is my funny lil had a nice ex – I had to go to court to get my friend – me, my friend, and the lawyer are now a happy familyI rescued a miniature red and 3months later rescued a black and tan.

Miniature Dachshund Pups. We strive to produce some of the most Beautiful Dachshunds in a variety of colors including Chocolates, Creams, Isabella's, reds, black/tans, Dapple and Brindle Patterns. And I have a long haired, cream & tan colored male, he’s 18 mos and he is a handsome one! His coat is dilute red (EE red). Everything I can find on the internet that talks about CDA in dachshunds focuses on blue and Isabella dilutes, so I’m wondering if we’re in the clear. Hopefully your boy won’t get it.There are two distinct “dilute” genes: one affects only red and lightens it to cream; the other only affects black and chocolate, turning them to blue and isabella/fawn, respectively.

They are perfectly healthy normal dachshunds.My best buddy Clarence is a piebald with medium length hair that is very soft.

Color dilution alopecia (CDA) is an inherited skin condition, and is more common in dogs that have been bred for a diluted coat color. I’d be lost without this most honorable friend in my life and I thank God for bringing us together. follicles clean. Dachshunds have been a passion of mine for more than 50 years.

Other than her overall appearance, her health is not at risk.That said, there may be some skin specific issues that will emerge and need to be treated. Our main goal is not coat colors, we breed for health, and confirmation. They are inseparable. Your vet will perform a physical examination of your The boy is cream and lost all his silver and he has like a light lay of a bronze. Unfortunately, when she was around two years old, she started getting skin problems and lost most of her fur.

This disease affects dogs with fawn or blue coats. It ranges from light tan/brown to a darker tan/reddish brown.The cream color is most commonly seen in the miniature long hair Dachshunds.

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