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They're not the least bit interested in sustainability." Because I have to say, I learned relatively late, coming out of college — in college it was cool to pretend that you didn't do any work and still do well. The couple had two daughters but got separated in 2009.

You have talent, but that's not enough." They figured out how to go scale — we know what that means. He thought we were a great country, and that included everybody.

In 1988, Karen tied the knot happily with her longtime lover, Jim Cramer. I get the Egyptian flu, and I drop from 175 to 163 almost instantly, so I gotta go [to] the doctor.

My father and I were sitting at a game — this was eight years ago — and there was a guy badmouthing McNabb the whole time, and I am a passionate Eagles fan. He instilled in me a level of insecurity, candidly, where I was never good enough. CNBC has used that clip for years. I've picked bad ones. You suck without the homework.had this amazing explosion of entertaining rage against Ben Bernanke and the Fed when they were late to spot the financial crisis, and you helped everybody realize it. The earnings!"

You're not supposed to admit it.

It was a bad day because your kids see it. I'm embarrassed that this is what we talk about: That's personal.

And that would be a fabulous stock to have with your mad money. It drives me crazy. And I get very upset when I listen to the leaders.

And the guy didn’t stop, and he didn't stop, so finally, I turn around and I hit him with everything I had.
And when you finally have enough mad money, we can build a diversified portfolio, five, six stocks, but ... this was hard-fought for me to do.I did not feel that way initially because we were in a great bull market and I wanted people to find the next Apple. You had an epiphany somewhere along the way, you said, because earlier in your career, running TheStreet and others, you were too passionate, scaring people. I think people really want to do well. You'll be proud of me."

OK, GMO. If travel goes down off of terrorism or something, which is actually true, or the dollar gets strong, they don't have that secular trend that FANG has.

Have you given your kids this same drive and work ethic?

They figured out how to use the stock market for money.Have you ever tried to get in on a job at a Google or Facebook? The duo …

It's not a defeat. Period.

Was it fair or unfair?

Can we not have that at the dinner table?"

So I have to kind of do a Hippocratic thing first, do no harm. I mean, I can call a million companies and get someone in front of someone. I've got a kid at Tulane who's an artist and studies art and just did a fantastic paper that I read that she did on Holocaust art, which I really liked. I'm in the soloist profession of TV because you're looking at the camera.

That's a 9:07 question.

I've got to tell you: I own an inn, which then made me realize how I liked hospitality, because I was making breakfasts Sunday mornings.

I really want you to invest, but I don't even want you to think about individual stocks until you do index funds."
You have just a brilliant breadth of market coverage.

I lived in my car for a while, and the insecurity I had about money made it so that, yes, indeed, I wanted to go make some.And my kids, while not knowing necessarily "we're swimming in it," they want to take advantage of the fact that they can be cause-oriented, and I think that's great. Jim Cramer is an American TV personality who has hosted CNBC’s ‘Mad Money.’ He is a hedge fund manager and author. In many ways, that's great. But I say, "Well, it's stocks; it's not money, but you know what I mean." Bülow — of whom Cramer later said was "supremely guilty. These companies get the best and brightest, and they have tremendous moats. If I haven't done the homework, I am so insecure.

Jim Cramer and Karen Backfisch-Olufsen got divorced in 2009. The other day, two Fridays ago, I shut it down and put on "Timber," Kesha, and said, "Listen, we're dancing." I love my jobs.

There's this scarcity of companies that can grow at a pace that are so exceptional, large-cap companies, and FANG is really because everybody else is not FANG. I mean, these are just a total economic scarcity issue of stocks of companies that can grow fast, so I've kinda backed into it.

Yes, I was very proud I was part of the Mark Benioff thing in Indiana, to be able to say what is this with trying to stop gay people from being able to go to retail?

I mean, ultimately, we're talking about abortion and gay rights, these are all things that Eisenhower would never talk about, that even Nixon would never. Buy a drink; I love it.

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