cherokee purple blossom end rot

After 45 days away from my garden, early blight was back, despite mulching and using soaker hoses.

The flesh is a rich red color and the flavor is delicious – both sweet and tart. Threw away seeds from last year's crop. This year I decided to skip any of the "black" tomatoes and plant red and striped instead. These patches may eventually turn black and rot, as the damaged skin facilitates the entrance of rot-causing organisms. I love the flavor though and plan on trying to save some seeds for next year (this was bought as a plant at our local nursery). Read more about Tomatoes. My only problem which is adding to their ugliness is the severe cracking they have endured. INSECT PESTS: Use row covers to protect young seedlings from flea beetles. But either I am doing something totally wrong, I must say these have to be the most ugly tomato I have ever grown! usually) and is nicknames 'Fog City.' Not a tomato for those who have limited time to care for plant.

If necessary, protect young Cherokee Purple tomato plants with a frost blanket if nights are chilly. Large, great flavored fruit. Preserve affected plants by applying calcium immediately. I have not over or under watered, they are in the sun butnot sure why . My tomato plant is already about 9 feet tall and loaded with Tomatoes. I have given some away to widow ladies in the neighborhood and have seen the funny look on their faces, because a fully ripe Purple Cherokee is green on the top and a crimson on the bottom. I started these from seed. Pick fruits when they are still firm, dont wait for them to turn uniform red or they will get mushy and rot. [Re: Catch22] #6937906 07/21/20 … They had been my favorite.

Cherokee Purple seeds, originating from Tennessee, are thought to have been passed down from Native Americans of the Cherokee tribe.

The plants are between 3 and 4 feet tall right now.I grew these last year and had great crop. The tomatoes tasted like supermarket tomatoes, extremely bland. Allow unblemished fruit to ripen; clean and dry seedsThis plant is said to grow outdoors in the following regions:When I first grew CP tomatoes 5 years ago or so, I was very impressed.

Plants were loaded with fruit and most were between 8 and 14 oz. This plant produces high quality fruits earlier than would be expected for tomatoes this size and quality. I don't find it to be mealy at all, and I would say it is actually less acidic than KB. Calcium is rarely deficient in the soil because it is commonly added to adjust pH, so there is usually some other factor at work. My brother raises heirloom tomatoes to sell and this tomato has no equal IMHO.Have grown this tomato twice in Bryan Texas, very successfully.

I planted 3 of the Cherokee Purple and gave 6 additional away to family members- no one got a single 'mater worth eating off of them.

but so far none of the many others have had similar problems. The previous two years I bought plants.This is the most delicious tomato ever, but sooo difficult, it always has the most rot and the fewest tomatoes and lumpy, unattractive, cracked, etc. They do crack around the stem area but this seems to be characteristic of the tomato. I give it a neutral rating only because of the taste. It tastes like a tomato, but the color is that of raw pork liver. My families all did the same, few produced and what did was rotting on the inside and burst when you touched it.

The tops are still green. No salt needed to bring out the flavor and they are great raw.

When it comes to flavor, I think this is the very best. Moisture is critical to prevent cracked fruits and blossom end rot. I lost three to them! ***Loved the flavor and "texture". BLOSSOM END ROT: Prevent blossom end rot by providing abundant soil calcium and an even supply of soil moisture. They seem to just fall over right where the base and soil meet.Greetings from the frozen tundra of Southern Minnesota (zone 4b)!

Cherokee Purple in a Container . They appear to be thriving and are now thick bushes with at least 100 flowers, but I have only 2 tomatoes (the size of toddler fists) that showed up in mid-June. This is what growing your own is all about. I have to admit this is not a beautiful tomato, but when I serve it with other more attractive tomatoes, I always tell my friends -- try the ugly one. The few tomatoes that was produced where delicious.I grew Cherokee Purple for the first time this year and it has done very well for me. I have just picked and eaten the first tomato off of this plant. Great flavor and texture, very sweet and tomato-ey fruit. A super tomato for Grass Valley, CA.I am growing Cherokee Purple tomatoes in Piedmont, in the North of Italy, since three years ago. Watch for and treat for stink bugs and tomato fruit worms.

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