cost to re gel coat boat

It is a 98 ranger r71 and it is 17'8. (You can click the X to the right to dismiss this notice)JavaScript is disabled. And, if the insurance agent is just going to cancel me for a second claim, why would they inflate the 2nd estimate so I felt I needed to use the insurance? Future additions will be another Clarion Sub amp and 10" sub with enclosure, Perfect Pass, Wake Wedge and custom ballast upgrade.I'd love to turn my space blue into sonic blue or maybe surf green Just fixed a guys boat that his Girlfriend took out and tied up to a dock with a bolt sticking out tore up about a 4' long section of his boat that only took 6 hours to fix.
Step 1 - Clean Your Boat Thoroughly.

He said it is the only brand actually designed with the proper thinners for roll and brush that would flow out flawless. The shop they use for that was recommended to me by several other sources, so I feel like I can expect good work from that shop.

My dad used to do that for a living, on large boats in the water jobs he would roll and brush, everything else he sprayed. I'm definatly in the market for a v-drive preferably a 20 or 21 RC Schiada.
If you are daring enough, google rolling and tipping.

Did you take it to the dealer to see what they would charge.Here is an example. We bumped something while the kids were swimming...hit the back/side corner of the hull. Youtube "gelcoat repair" and you'll get an idea of what work is involved. Wipe the boat again with a rag, damp with styrene. Quick question, anyone have a rough idea of what it would cost to professionally re-do the gelcoat on a 22 ft cabin cruiser? @Bruce My boat was painted with AwlCraft color Claret and cost me $1840 = $1440 for labor for prep/painting + $400 for materials (some of the material cost was to fix a couple of damaged spots).

We had a pipe burst in our bathroom over the winter and the leaking water damaged some of the hand scraped hardwood flooring. $190 later, it and a few other random unrelated scratches were gone.3k seems high. It's not that much labor.

Looking at probably $5,000+ but I could be wrong. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Hey I've been looking for a new boat but I'm on a limited budget and I've found a few boats that need new gel coat. A Boat Hull Paint Comparison: Gelcoat vs. $3000 seems really high, unless it is tricker underneath.I've had a 3' x 1' foot section repaired last year for only $400. We'll see if I get some info from them tomorrow.Well, I got the detailed quotes from the shop and both indicate there is some fiberglass repair as well as gel work. Load a soft folded cloth with fine rubbing compound an swirl it over the entire hull. I'm actually planning on doing some DIY repair on on the bottom of my hull next year. The shop said they'd go ahead and re-gel the area from that bottom chine up to the first straffes on the hull, on both sides.

It shouldn't leave an impression with your fingernail. And nothing drives up the price further than like 50% more FG work this year at all the dealers in the mid and southern regions from everybody and their mothers hitting submerged rocks due to drought and the low water levels this year. How much does it cost to have a boat re-gelcoated? Granted, they are also fixing some previous scratches with these chips, that look to be from previous owners beaching the boat, but the work still seems minimal in my mind. Most of their costs are in wetsanding and polishing the repaired areas.After talking with them and the insurance guy (and knowing this shop is recommended by others), I feel like they are going to fix it right.

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