crash bandicoot 2 gameshark codes

Note: Not infinite in levels. Check back for more Crash Bandicoot 2: … 80007668 FFFD 80007684 0020 Faster Crash Bandicoot Note: Only bosses that have been defeated may be revisited. 8001CE8E 2400 8000761E 8C21 8001A840 1DA5 Enemies/Objects Size Modifier (Values: 0100 - 1000) 0AAA - Dim 6 Crash Bandicoot 2: Korutekkusu no Gyakushu! 80007658 0008 D0069922 7FFF D006CE08 2200

Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system. Revisit Bosses Jump on the platform in the middle of any warp room.

8006D9C8 2000 8000764A 3C01

D0069BBA FFBE (JP) SCPS_100.47 8001C3CE 0800 0E38 - Dim 8 You can view a bonus alternate ending to the game if you get 100% completion. 80007608 0200 Be careful, as the platforms will disappear after 2-3 seconds -- so you need to jump fast.Level 15: Unbearable (Warp Room 3): At the end of the level, you will be riding a polar bear while a bigger bear is chasing after you. 80007696 3C01

Then, go through the portal to reach the "Snow Go" level with the red gem. Repeat this process to get more lives.The following is a list of bosses which you must face after collecting all the crystals from a Warp Room in order to proceed to the next:There are 27 total relics. D0069922 BFFF D0069922 BFFF The evil Dr. Neo Cortex is back with a vengeance .. this time ... to save the world? 80007678 8006 80007666 8C21 80007602 3C01 At the very end of the level, the bear will throw you over a pool of water to the exit. 8002DF42 2400 D006CE08 2500 8000760E A423 Even if you die, the checkpoint is just a few steps away.In the second warp room (level 6-10), jump on the baby polar bear's head to collect ten extra lives.After defeating the first master, you will see a dog on the second world. 8000766A 2403 80007658 0008 Drop through it to be in a room with lava and drones. Go to the level Diggin' It and proceed towards the end of the level. Go the level Air Crash. 8000764C F624 80007628 0008 80018672 0C00 8002E256 2400 80007600 8007 8000760E A423 There's two common emulators for GBA games, the            Don't see the code you're looking for on this page? 8000760C 0174 80007626 A423 80007648 8006 80007606 8C21 8001AA7C 0008 8000762A 03E0 You can completely skip over completing the first level of the game.

Crash Size Modifier (Values: 0100 - 1E00) 8000764C F38C 80007684 0020 8000769C ???? codes for Crash Bandicoot 2 (US). Enemies/Objects Size Modifier (Values: 0100 - 1000) 8006DA24 FFFF Note: Press Select+Up to enable; Select+Down to disable. 8000760E A423 When the bees spawn, slide-attack (Square + Circle) into the hive to instantly kill the bees. 80007656 A423 80007618 8006 Find all our Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Game Shark Codes for PlayStation. Enemies/Objects Size Modifier (Values: 0100 - 1000)

8000767A 3C01 8006DBA2 FFFF 80007600 8007

This trick allows you to get a total of 64 crystals and gems.In the levels where you must race against a clock for a gem ("Hang Eight" and "Plant Food"), it is possible to get more time. In the second area of the Warp Room where you find the small polar bear sitting on the ground, there is a bonus 10 lives you can gain. 80007622 2403 Anyone playing on a physical Gameboy will need to purchase a physical Codebreaker device to use these codes. To use these codes, you will need the following: 8000768A AC22 D006BD92 FFEE 8000768E 03E0 80007696 3C01 08E3 - Dim 5

Always Have Aku Aku Mask

D0069BBA FEFE Also see Cheats for more help on Crash Bandicoot. 8001C294 1D9E 800076AA AC26 Always Have Aku Aku Mask Super Jump D0069BBA BFFF 8001CFC6 0C00 D006CE08 1D00 80007624 0144 8006DBA0 FFFF D0069922 BFFF

80019A84 ????

80007620 6300 Stand in front of the hive. D0069922 FFFF 8000761A 3C01 Jump on the nitro boxes, and they will warp you to a secret route. D0069BBA FDFE 8001A842 03E0 Go to it and press Circle repeatedly to get a lot of lives.Find an arrow box and jump on it 200 - 299 times, and then jump on top of an enemy to get an extra crystals. Belly-flop on the plant and you'll be warped to the secret warp room. Do not jump on the surfboard (first surfboard of the level). 8001CE8E 2400

8001D266 2403 3001C592 0003 8003840E 0800

At the very beginning of the level the Lost City, two Crates can be found behind an iron crate stack. 8002E49A 0C00 D0069922 FFEE 8000767E 8C21 Jump on the enemy plant that is on the little platform in the middle of the pit. 80007600 8007 8000766A 2403 When you reach the end of the level, just exit out of it. Green Gem - The Eel Deal (Warp Room 2): Approximately 40 seconds into the level, the path splits. 80007672 03E0

800076AC 0008 8000766E A423 D0069922 FFF7 8001CFC6 0C00 D0069BBA FFDE

D0069BBA FEFE 8001C6D2 0800 80007604 CBB0 0555 - Dim 3 Infinite Time (Aku Aku Invincibility) 80019DA8 ???? 071C - Dim 4 8000767E 8C21 8000768A AC22 80007684 0020 8001CFC6 0C00 80007612 03E0 D006BD92 FFBE

To obtain the bonus lives, you need to jump on top of the little bear a bunch of times (around 10 or so). When you fall in a hole, press X to die. 80007670 0008 Instead, look for a stone platform on the right side of the water. Crash Bandicoot 2 N-Tranced Codebreaker Codes (USA)           This page contains Codebreaker cheat codes for Crash Bandicoot 2 N-Tranced (USA). 8001E8F4 1D92 Quickly jump over those platforms to the hidden exit on the other end of the pool. Note: Press Select+Up to enable; Select+Down to disable. 80007602 3C01 80007608 0200 8001C296 0800 8001A840 0008 8001A70A 0800 D006BD92 FFBE 80007668 0009

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