deer fern vs sword fern

Western Sword Fern Polystichum munitum.

bit further down the Seawall, I came across some lady ferns.

Next are sword ferns, which like it a bit damp but not as wet.

I too have been teaching myself wildflowers the past two Springs/ Summers and I will start delving into the ferns next. Ferns are adaptable plants able to thrive in nearly any growing zone. I’ve been Sku #8491. last Saturday, I gave myself a fern identification assignment at Stanley Park. Notice that the unfurling spiny leaves in the middle look different from the other leaves - I found out during a guided nature walk that these spiny leaves are the part of the deer fern that is responsible for reproduction. Deer ferns are the next wettest and you’ll often find them near but not next to water and on shaded, damp slopes and in the wet temperate forests like the Olympic Pennisula. The images are photocopied from Then came the Once I got to

It was there that pretty amped about ferns since I discovered that their young springtime leaves Right: some hairy sword fern fiddleheads and curly leaflets unrolling in the sunshine.A close up of a sword fern leaf. along the seawall first (I walked counterclockwise from the park entrance to Third Beach), and the first ferns that I noticed were sword and bracken ferns.Left: a sword fern hanging out in the forest. There’s something wrong when you’re camped in a forest and you can intimately describe every aspect of your gear but don’t know the species of trees you’re camped within.Besides the value of understanding nature for interests sake, learning to be a naturalist also has some practical benefits for the outdoors person.
fun part – a fern scavenger hunt at Stanley Park! The leaves look like waxed moustaches on a stalk!Happy fern hunting, everyone… I hope you enjoy
To this, trees tell you about large scale differences in habitat. Third Beach, I walked into the park and onto Merilee’s Trail. Of these ferns, Maidenhair likes it really wet – often living on rocks along a stream. Grab a partner Deer fern does best with many other species that grow together within native plant communities. Also, the deer fern seemed to have a thicker, more leathery texture than the other ferns. Ferns in photo: Top, Left to Right: Licorice Fern, Deer Fern, Maidenhair Fern; Bottom: Oak Fern, and Bracken Fern. One type of fern, called the deer fern, is especially adapted to growth in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. One of the most robust and reliable, this hardy native male fern offers superb texture with glossy, leathery, toothed, dark green foliage. The last “licorice fern” might actually be a “leatherleaf fern” [], another great “bonus” fern found on the coast.Enter your email to receive notifications of new posts.

You’ll find them in ravines and along streams.

Mosses tell you fine scale differences with amazing resolution and ferns are the happy middle – at least in wet-ish areas like the Cascades and Coast mountains. are fiddleheads (see my previous post). When you know plants, you realize their presence and state tells you lot about the area you’re in, edible foods, the time of year, what animals should be there and when, how the season has been etc. Deer ferns are the next wettest and you’ll often find them near but not next to water and on shaded, damp slopes and in the wet temperate forests like the Olympic Pennisula. RIGHT: Behold the beauty of the bracken fiddlehead - but DON'T eat it!A Whereas the sword fern leaf is shaped like a tall, slender triangle (gradually widening from the tip to the base), the deer fern leaf widens for awhile and then dips inward toward the base. Lady Ferns also likes wet habitat but isn’t exclusively right at the water.

One important lesson that I learned

Your page has been invaluable to my journey.This is a great overview! If you take the time to learn 5 or so then you’ll know most of them and when you come across one that you don’t know, it’ll stand out Here I present a quick guide to the 5 most common fern species in the PNW plus 2 less common but awesome ferns. They’re common in cool forests. Next are sword ferns, which like it a bit damp but not as wet. It’s also worthwhile, as the more you know the richer your outdoors experiences become. Then I counted my underlined items and found that there were seven types of ferns listed. Know these and you’ll know 90% of the ferns you see.Ferns are mostly located based on moisture. ... but again, caution should be taken due to toxicity & carcinogenic concerns. Oak Ferns like shady, semi-dry forest bottoms. They’re common in cool forests. the variety of personalities in this plant family as much as I do! Sword Fern rhizomes were considered a starvation food. Vigorous evergreen clumps are formed by many long fronds; up to four feet long in cool, shady sites.

I checked out the plants Look in the circle... can you see the little stalk and upward point at the inner end of the leaflet?LEFT: The bracken fern grows from a single stalk (see white arrow). They’re better for this than flowers and shrubs because ferns are easy to learn, abundant and quite habitat specific.Like trees, learning ferns isn’t hard. Bracken Ferns are the most tolerant of hot and dry conditions, so you’ll find these in areas like south facing slopes and the rain shadow side of a mountain range.Thank you so much for this! I came back only knowing about 10 new ones.Getting to know nature isn’t hard but it takes intention.

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