do cassia and ky sleep together

I was already exhausted that I could sleep for days, if I tried to have another baby, I would be sleeping for years. He only wished he knew why they would allow this, even order it."Xander." That afternoon the two share their first kiss and the hope that they can find a way to be together. This picture represents the hill that Ky and Cassia hike on.

She was the one who told him about the Pilot. The pamphlet claims the Rising now exists in all parts of the Society, although it remains strongest in the Outer and Border Provinces.Vick admits that when he first heard Ky say Tennyson’s poem in the river at the book’s opening, he thought Ky was trying to tell him that he was part of the Rising.

""But it's ok, Xander. So she smiles too.

He was calculating, strategizing, and now, he played to gain Ky's attention.

In Crossed study guide contains a biography of Ally Condie, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. "Cassia cannot help but feel déjà vu, and an image of a crushed tablet comes to mind.

Her pitch rises as she doesn't feel him relaxing.

She sits up now, alert. Eli then shows the other two what he brought from the caves above the Anomaly village: two large books, one of which is a very old children’s book. Ky recalls out loud how his father used to disconnect the village port and hold meetings with their whole village. But Cassia will not go gentle. He was going to be matched, a fact beyond expected from his family and friends. At one point, Indie nearly falls, bloodying one of her legs, but manages to regain herself. When the Society found out about it, they took the two of them away, separately. While resting, they discuss the “Pilot” from the poem Ky said over the dead, and its reference to the leader of the Rising. "Xander came calling before," Her mother says as she closes the door, to allow Cassia to get dressed, "But you were still asleep. It's Ky Markham. Others have food. I cried, I could hear the franticness in my own voice. This is where they share their moments and talk and be themselves.

Cassia likes Ky. Ky likes Cassia. Cassia is called up for the final test before she is assigned a permanent work detail. For Ky, he represents Cassia forgetting about him and choosing to live her life with the man to whom she was originally Matched, a great point of pain for Ky. For Cassia, Xander represents a simple life of love now sacrificed, and the guilt she feels for longing for him in a lonely, desolate place despite her devotion to Ky. That night, they go back into the Carving to light a concealed fire and cook the fish. He shouldn't even have been in the match list, but I saw his face. "Calm down, it's okay, you can do this." Sometimes I feel like you're living in your own world."

He’s dead on the ground, his hands bloodied from what appears to be attempts to get inside the artificial wall, which Cassia assumes is actually a door.

They eventually come upon a recently abandoned village. What's going on?" "What?!"

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He always won. Indie is aghast and tells her the blue tablets are poisonous and not to take anymore.

As night encroaches, the sound of the follower fades.

I have to believe that. The next day, Ky and Eli show the girls the data collectors in their coats. Her vision fuzzes, adjusting to the sun shining in. She fills Cassia’s bag with apples and tells her to eat one immediately.

Once he’s out cold, Vick tells Ky about a girl he loved back in Camas named Laney. No way!

Because we're not going to see each other anymore. "The beautiful Cassia Reyes, of course. There was nothing out there.When it was time to go, as they got to their feet and their faces were mere inches apart, Xander wanted nothing more than to kiss Ky. Just once. They observe on one map that the canyon leads out to plains and mountains, beyond which is a Border Province.

This is the place where Ky teaches Cassia how to write and Cassia teaches Ky poems.

Vick thanks Ky for getting them this far, gratitude that Ky reciprocates.As they walk through the canyon, Indie notices Cassia weakening, but Cassia insists that she’s fine. But Ky saw Xander, and waved, making the choice for him.

When Indie isn’t looking, Cassia opens another blue tablet but drops it and the slip of paper concealed beneath it to the ground. As Vick manually catches a fish in a nearby stream, he tells the other two that he’s from Camas Province, where the mountains are bigger. Cassia sees half of an unfamiliar footprint solidified in the mud and feels hopeful.Ky, Vick, and Eli climb out of the Carving. He falls asleep and has a nightmare about Cassia reuniting romantically with Xander. Yes, Cassia agreed. The two run away, leaving the bodies behind.Ky, Vick, and Eli put distance between themselves and the town. Ky finishes the carving of Laney’s name and gives it to Vick. He recalls that the Officials had come silently to take him, but he’d fought back violently, and Aida, his adopted mother, had begun to scream as they removed him from the house. This is particularly true when she finds Ky’s carving of her name in the tree. Despite her dim odds of survival or of finding Ky again, she remains stubborn and persistent, traits which even begin to get on Indie’s nerves. One of the illustrations reminds Ky of the morning the Society took him from Oria Province. The three eventually find a set of caves high up in the canyon walls.

They were a very common theme in young adult fiction, but I kept going, praying that … Do not take the one in your possession. As they observe the empty buildings, Ky carves Cassia’s name into a lone tree by the stream.

"It's ok because I love you too."

Casual small talk with Ky. Xander smiled.

Her mother reaches out for her and hugs both Xander and Cassia together.

Vick hopes that Laney and her family ran away before they were captured. Senna is an herb.

There was twinkle in Ky's eyes that Xander would've found delightful if he had not been too busy feeling sorry for himself.Xander sighed. Another example of Cassia’s iron hope comes at the end of chapter 16 when she sees a footprint in the mud: “This mark is recent.

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