doxie min pin chihuahua mix

I just love her to death. They especially do not fare well in extreme temperatures — particularly hot climates. Loves to eat vege and fruits From its appearance to its nature and personality, this pooch is a gem. However, there is very little to back up such claims.As mentioned earlier, it is a modern pairing, and that is why we must fall back on the parent’s history to get a clear idea of this combination.Both parental breeds originate from Germany, with a long history of working dogs that earned their keep as hunters of small animals.Unfortunately, the recognition by the AKC of hybrid dogs is not so common. Their alertness makes them good watchdogs, but they do not tend to bark at strangers. It is a cross between the Dachshund and the Min Pin.The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any … It is a great figure and can be even higher if the mix is in good health and brought up in a stress-free home environment. Is it more like the Miniature Pinscher or the Dachshund? Most owners find they can identify, treat, and eliminate it by keeping in regular contact with their local veterinarian. She definitely loves being in my lap. The average lifespan of a mixed breed is around 12 to 20 years. They are low to non-shedding dogs, so minimal grooming is required.This breed requires just the average amount of grooming and care. They require a strong and persistent pack leader, as their stubbornness tends to lead to training challenges.

This breed has an average life expectancy that ranges between 12 to 14 years.The Miniature Pinscher Dachshund mix will vary in size and coat type. We love her and she’s a great dog who loves the little children. Be warned, dogs bred down in size often come with more health issues even if from a responsible breeder. If I want to put his leash or collr on, it's a game of cat and mouse. This breed is also known for being smart and stubborn.

Very energetic and playful, timid with new people, very curious, loving, loves attention, She's not my dog nor my friend but my child and my boss. Had her for 5 months now.She was 1 yr old when we got her.She has separation anxiety but does alot better with it now.She loves snuggles and loves to lay on lap. While they will shed a little bit, it can almost be completely eliminated through weekly brushings. Both the Dachshund and Miniature Pinscher are similar in size and body structure, which results in more balanced combination. They have notoriously sensitive skin! Their name means badger dog and is based on the Dachshund’s preferred quarry, the badger. But that doesn’t mean that they’re rare or hard to find. The Dachshund is sometimes bred down into a miniature variety, therefore you may be able to obtain an even smaller Doxie Pin. She loves my husband and kids but when it comes to me she is kinda obsessed..she growls at my husband if he kisses me too long lol and is very protective of me.she gets along with kids but doesn't like them to pick her up, but she gives warning growls.shes very energetic but also cuddles alot. Blu is super protective and extremely nosey and is ALWAYS under me feet. Get treats. They are very playful and very active.The Doxie-Pin is a low maintenance breed and only requires occasional bathing. This can be minimized by feeding them a proper diet with nutrients for bone and joint health and not overfeeding them.

The Doxie-Pin is a hybrid dog. Prone to ear infections. VERY family oriented and loves our cats and other dogs. They’re small, adorable, and, most importantly, they love to play. Their high sense of alert makes them good watchdogs, but they do not bark that much at strangers. She needs me and I need her. She is supeeeeer sweet and very affectionate. It is undoubtedly the most common in those we’ve seen already. I love her too death and she is my shadow. Some believe the Min-Pin breed was crossbred with the Dachshund or Italian Greyhound. Exercising this dog on a regular basis is needed to keep it strong and healthy. Low maintenance although she does suffer from seasonal allergies. Has his picture taken a lot. I've never felt this way about any kind of pet She LOVES her 3 dogs; Chew Barka, Cooper & Nelson, and spends countless hours every day playing with them.She’s been featured in PetAware, Dogtime, and ModernDog.Our mission is to create a better world for dogs and their does not intend to provide veterinary advice. It is a cross between the Dachshund and the Miniature Pinscher. An inquisitive hybrid, this canine will keep you on your feet as they follow their curious nose.The Doxie-Pin is a hybrid mix of the Dachshund and the Miniature Pinscher. The Dachshund parent adds a more even-temper to the Doxie-Pin and a more sedate nature than the high-strung Miniature Pinscher. This breed gets along well with all the family members and are very good with children. He is kind of tricky to train since he is extremely clever and can tell when he will or won't get a treat after a command is given. Sleeps with us near pillows.

In the end he is a great dog!

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