geology dog names

From world capitals like Oslo to the Hari river, there’s a lot of cool names to choose from.

Brown Dog Names White Dog Names. Many people will chose an unusual dog name based on color.

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2. I recently met two golden retrievers named River and Marsh.Great names! It is the epitome of nature and a place were creatures and plants can thrive.Mountains are one of Earth’s most natural foundations and the name Terra is Latin.Fans of ‘The Hobbit’ will know about the Misty Mountains as they are one of the important features of Middle-earth’s geography.If you happen to love the books or movies, then Misty is a wonderful name to call your dog, as well as sounding very mystical.In Greek mythology, the name Echo comes from a mountain nymph, making it a great choice to name your dog.If you have a love for mountains, then I suggest naming your dog Montana.Geology is all about the study of the earth, but something that also comes from the ground are precious stones and they make for wonderful names.Opal is a gemstone that has an iridescent shine when it is moved in the light and is the perfect name for a white or pale grey dog.While it is also used as the October birthstone, it can symbolize love and faithfulness, two things that dogs give.Another precious stone is Sapphire, which is a deep blue that is often associated with wisdom and royalty.It is also a Hebrew name that means beautiful, which is perfect for the female dog in your life.Amber isn’t like the others on this list as it is actually a fossilized tree resin, but it is still beautiful and makes for a great dog name.It is often seen as the ‘soul of the tiger’ in Asian cultures and symbolizes courage.The name for the red gemstone comes from the Latin ‘ruber’ which means red.Ruby is a feminine name that has symbolized love and energy in the past, as well as being a symbol for powerful feelings in general.The name blossom comes from Old English, meaning a cluster of flowers.Traditionally, a clover is seen as a symbol of good luck and are often found in meadows or fields.The poppy is a red flower and an extremely popular name in the United Kingdom.The flower itself has often been a symbol for sleep, peace and death, which is why it is used in remembrance for those lost in the wars.Lily is a name that is derived from the flower itself and there are even some that believe the name comes from the Greek ‘louloudi’ which means flower.Willow trees are primarily found in the Northern Hemisphere, which are known for their slender branches and leaves.The meaning of the name is graceful, which is a wonderful choice for calling a dog that looks elegant.The ebony tree produces black wood and is seen as one of the most valuable trees in the world, often selling for a lot of money.The name itself also means black in Egyptian, making it perfect for dogs of darker coloring.The maple tree is noticeable by the shape of its leaves, with three species of the tree that have syrup extracted from them.Maple is a symbol of strength and endurance, which I think makes it a wonderful name for your dog.Native to the UK but found across much of Europe, Hazel is a deciduous tree, as well as being a green and brown eye color.It has often featured in mythology and folklore, such as All of these nature dog names for females are beautiful and unique, which I think will suit dogs of many personalities. To help you out on your dog naming journey I’ve put together a list of 500 geography related names. To help you out on your dog naming journey I’ve put together a list of 500 geography related names. Apex. Featured Famous Dog With a Mountain Inspired Name Rupee At times, the most encouraging and inspirational stories we hear have to do with the underdog (literally in this case) picking themselves back up in order to move towards victory.

4-winds. Awning. For the dogs out there that sunbathe, eat dandelions, and frolic through meadows, there’s a special category of dog names that should match your canine’s character perfectly.

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