houseplants safe for cats reddit

First post, ever, on reddit. One of them was obsessed, but only chewed the leaves (not swallowing). very few will actually cause serious harm, and usually only in high quantities. worked so far .New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castA place to discuss tip on growing an indoor garden, including herbs and vegetables.Press J to jump to the feed. But yeah, imperfect system. The fact that your cats managed to access plants you were "careful" about is why I posted this list - cats are smart, agile, and stubborn, and keeping anything out of their reach feels temporary at best!Just some advice: When providing a list of plants, list as many names as you can, and ALWAYS include the Latin, and pictures of the plant in question. I also got a money tree, thus far safe from the cats' interest and kept in a safer location as well, plus much much larger. I've been thus far finding plants I think look neat, then checking sites like the aspca to see if they're safe for cats and then examining their care to see if I can do it. (I can't remember which ones I have, but th big and fast growing one.

Both the parlor plant and the dracena was fun to chew on because the leaves where skinny and swaying.I have some other plants that are toxic, in theory, but they have never showed any interest in these (and some will claim that even if they are toxic, they will either taste too bad for cats to bother chewing or eating much, or the amount they have to eat will be too great to pose any threat. What houseplants are toxic to cats? After all, your little furry friend demands your attention, you don’t have time to endlessly care for a plant too! You can always use shelves, tall stands, or plant hangers for dangerous or tempting plants.I run a humidifier once or twice a week since it is so dry right now. The Latin name is going to be the most specific.For example, I might not know what an Aglaonema or Chinese evergreen is, but I will know if I have Also, a few plants you listed as dangerous are actually safe:Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are a bit of an oddball. Just get those with spikes that are staying in place, not those tiny hair like spikes that stay in anything that touches the plant...I also have a cat and got a spiderplant + parlor palm, kangaroo paw fern, prayer plant. I am a longtime cat lady, newer plant lady, and have been slowly building up my collection of cat-safe plants. There are so many great options that are nontoxic to cats. I love pothos and philodendrons but both are super toxic. It can be frustrating to go to the nursery and find lots of beautiful plants that turn out to be toxic when researched, so I thought I’d share the list I’ve compiled of cat-safe options.I’m sure this is by no means a complete list! I’ve seen a few questions on here by other cat owners, and have often seen commenters recommend toxic plants or blow off concerns that cats might chew on their owner’s toxic plants. I have 3 cats that munch on any and every plant I’ve put in my house no matter how high up I put it, and they don’t bother these at all. There are plenty of plants called "Lily". I also want to share a couple useful resources for looking up specific plants you may be considering adding to your cat-friendly home. r/houseplants: A community focused on the discussion, care, and well-being of houseplants! It is the responsibility of the pet owner to ensure a cat lives in a safe and healthy environment. I was wondering if anyone had an easy access list or some ideas off the top of their heads of plants they know are safe for cats, to make the search a bit easier than going one by one. Rest of my apartment faces inside the building beside a regular sized window in a 2nd bedroom that I'm not sure is enough light.Anyways, I got a parlor palm and my cats ate it, completely. Below you will find a list of cat-safe houseplants that are also easy to care for!
Some of these plants require bright, natural light and others will do well with little or no sunlight. The ASPCA has a long list here: Edited to add a few common houseplants that ARE toxic to cats: Philodendron (including Monstera — I’m so sad about that!

They are frequently cited as The Most Dangerous PlantJade plants (Crassula ovata) are non- toxic. r/whatsthisplant: A subreddit for the identification of plants. However, there are house plants that we keep that pose significant health challenges to cats due to their toxicity. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Visitors are encouraged to submit requests as well as help out with identification. I would trust the ASPCA.I know this is months old, but THANK YOU FOR THIS. They also thrive on neglect, barely have to water them, don’t have very strict light requirements.These are actually toxic to cats, but I've found the same thing - my cat totally ignores it because it's an unappealing texture. and continued to trip balls. I have had good luck with most plants. I have one cat who will chew on anything - I even have to hide my shoes from him.I get so confused because the ASPCA and Cal Poison lists definitely conflict a lot. I love jade plants and got rid of one before i got Lennox out of caution. I'm not even sure if my apartment is okay for plants (one wall-length sliding glass window/double doors south facing in the living room that leads to a balcony.) :(The calpoison list indicates that those plants are nontoxic to humans. I have a few different "palms", cacti, pothos, spider plant, dragon trees, arrowhead plant, and english ivy.

It's not lethal but it can cause vomiting and diarrhea.Plants to avoid: dracena marginata, euphorbia (as a genus), etc. My cat just didn’t like the cat grass that I grew for her. It'd be nice to have one again.Thank you so much for posting an in depth list!

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