how powerful is ezra bridger

Chopper managed to gain admission by electrocuting an Imperial communication droid and stealing its clearance code. Ezra continued alone and defeated a squad of Stormtroopers in the station's hangar bay. While Sabine and Chopper continued the mission and reached a truce with Ketsu, Ezra evaded the Stormtroopers and made his way back to the Following the disappearance of a rebel patrol in the Del Zennis system, Hera suggested to When Kanan and Rex awoke, Ezra attempted to claim that they were knocked out in a massive fire fight, but Chopper played a holographic recording of what really happened. The rebels and droids then fled on three After the rebels lost contact with the Protectors on Concord Dawn's Third Moon, Hera assigned Ezra and Chopper to escort Sabine and Rau, on a recon probe of the moon. Also, there's a White-Loth cat which will be seen in the literally destroyed or crushed/ burned down cement Bridger home, aged Ezra's Parents, probably before escape, some new guy who escaped the Empire, Most likey with them, or helped them, or just knew for some reason. Before they could proceed with the mission, Ezra began seeing visions of Maul in the Chopper Base command center. After eleven hours greeting any embarking passenger they were expecting the phrase from, Ezra discovered that the courier was a GNK power droid named However, Sabine was unwilling to allow Ketsu to take EG-86. While taking-off, Ezra was hit by laser fire and fell out of the shuttle's side door. The broadcast was sent, but soon after Grand Moff Tarkin ordered the tower's destruction. Fortunately, Hera arrived aboard the Ezra's true master plan then came into play as a school of Unbeknownst to him, Ezra was very Force-sensitive. After Ezra had loaded the fourth batch of proton bombs, a lightning bolt caused the cargo ship to list towards the vortex. Their destination turned out to be the former Mandalorian asteroid colony, Ezra was knocked unconscious due to the power of the holocrons. At the time, Ezra didn't know the true nature of these abilities, which, in truth, was There, he accessed the Imperial Enforcement DataCore to check records on Herdringer, but discovered Herdringer had been dead for months, and Bossk surmised that his replacement, After grabbing Rudor's helmet for his collection, Ezra quickly left the wreckage, while revealing his thievish intentions.

With Rex taking the lead, Ezra and Kanan utilized the Sword and Shield maneuver which involved deflecting blaster bolts and hurling grenades at the advancing droid columns. Ezra's outfit was more than meets the eye. Ezra also had a friendly and kind demeanor which allowed him to gain Klik-Klak's trust. Ezra used the Force to grab it and Sabine managed to shoot down the droid. Reluctant, the green alien instructed him to find Having located what appeared to be a suitable system for their base, the The new location was not without problems, as the Rebels soon discovered it to be home to Together with Ahsoka, Kanan, and Chopper, Ezra traveled on the While approaching the Sith Temple, Ezra and his mentors stumbled upon an ancient battlefield from the While traveling, Ezra befriends the Old Master, who described himself as an enemy of the Inquisitors and their Sith masters. At the urging of Maul, Ezra tapped into the dark side in order to force their way inside the Temple. Ezra tried to propose a deal between the two criminals, with him taking the generators and the two criminals sharing the proceeds among themselves, but Vizago stole his droid controller back and used it to summon his droids to attack the three intruders. He wasn’t labeled the chosen one and he wasn’t the last hope in the galaxy. Ezra demanded they get out of their way, but Hondo managed to convince the workers to assist the rebels in stealing the Y-Wings in exchange for their freedom. Once aboard, the two encountered a wounded crew member who informed them that a red blade was after him and that the Returning to Atollon, Ezra and Kanan traveled on to the lair of the Bendu, which lay in an outcrop of mesas. At Kanan's request, Ezra left his lightsaber behind and kept in touch with his master via comlink. Before Saxon could continue his interrogation, Sabine threw smoke grenades into the building.

While underground, Ezra and his comrades discovered sealed tunnels and the helmets of Saw's Ezra and his comrades learned that Saw and his team had been attacked by a lone Geonosian. Kanan then reassured Ezra that Rex was still haunted by the Clone Wars. Card Text: After you perform a primary attack, you may spend 1 (force) to perform a bonus (mobile arc) attack from a (mobile arc) that you have not attacked from this round. How powerful do you think this card will be? Ezra later accompanied Hera, Zeb, and Chopper aboard the Maul, having determined that Obi-Wan was on Tatooine but failing to locate him, used a fragment of one of the Holocrons to connect with the shattered databases and inform Ezra of the planet on which he was located. To make it look good, Hera deliberately crashed the burning bomber into one of the carrier’s hangers.

After telling Kanan to leave, Ezra used his lightsaber and the Darksaber to destroy the altar, vanishing the spirits. Fearing Thrawn's imminent return, Ezra reached out and assembled what allies he could, including Rex and his fellow clones, Ketsu, Hondo, Melch, and Kallus. Much to his reluctance, Ezra was asked to surrender his lightsaber, only acquiescing after Sabine assured him that nothing would happen to it. With little choice, Ezra complied and departed with Maul on his starship After landing, Maul led Ezra through the site of the battle where his As part of the ritual, Ezra and Maul had to drink glasses of magick water. Earlier, Maul had killed the Inquisitors but then betrayed Kanan by blinding him. Later, Ezra accompanied Hera, Kanan, Sabine, Wedge, Hobbie, and other members of the Phoenix Squadron on a training exercise. The rebels eventually reached Saxon's ship but the Super Commandos closed in on them. The episode "Empire Day" reveals he was born the same day Palpatine inaugurated the Galactic Empire.At the start of the series, his main motivation is to find his parents. When he was still living on the streets he only cared about himself until he met the Rebels and saw how their good deeds made people feel and wanted to be part of that.

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