how to attach glass table top to wood

And can’t tell you how happy I was to find your blog. Our children do their homework and art projects on this table. Subscribe » I think I’ll go with the Plexiglass….I have glass on my bedroom furniture with clear plastic tabs the problem is that dust builds up in between can I place the glass on furniture without tabs without damaging wood?I honestly do not know as I’ve never done it. My question is how to attach the glass to the maple legs.

I just really wanted to warn you about the temperature problems and let you know how our glass top worked for us.Mandy, 40 years is impressive! I have to clean it BEFORE the cleaning ladies come — they won’t mess with moving the glass (don’t blame them).Glad you found a solution that worked for your family, contains affiliate marketing links and promotional offers.

This table is not an everyday used table.Regarding the consideration of added length of the glass over the table length, I would pause. My table surface is not so precious and I am planning to keep something (plastic or rubber or cloth) underneath. The glass top is always showing fingerprints, food and liquids get underneath the edges of the glass, and it always looks dirty. Once that’s done, if you want to add spacers between the glass and the wood, you can Thanks a lot. Thanks!I would aim for 1/4 inch on each side. With this being cold and flu season (and also with Corona virus to worry about!) My question is : I have my eye on a new table from Crate and Barrel that is a parsons table with black marble top. Even sliding papers across it can create little swirl marks. Seems it would be pretty popular.Can the extra weight of the glass top can damage the table i mean as there are only 4 legs support in my dining table but no middle can this extra heavy weight start bending d middle part of d table in long run ?I doubt it — the weight of the glass is distributed evenly across the entire tabletop.

If someone spills a beverage near the edge of the table, it CAN seep under the glass. The two companies that I used recommended to take a 1/8” off our exact table measurements just to avoid this.

(Maybe I should have.

At least with the wood I could do a quick wipe and all would look good. )That said, there are definitely some good, tough polyurethane finishes out there that could be used. Dad stripped it, stained it and resealed it with multiple coats of what I believe is marine-grade poly. We repaired chairs and considered stripping and refinishing the tabletop. After a year, I had them come to put spacers under the glass. I absolutely love this table. The service man who refinished them for me told me not to use anything under the glass.I agree with you on this one… my new table I want a glass top but it has leafs that go on each end and my husband says that when we use the leafs the table will be an even and glasses will fall over… Anu comments or suggestions on that matter?… I thought about just pushing the glass piece down to the one end when the leaves are attached and putting a tablecloth over the whole thing then just letting the table be uneven on the one end… it’s not every day that the lease will be added obviously holidays and on occasions where they’ll be a larger number of people… My table is currently 78 inches long when the leaves are attached it will go to 106… quite a bit of difference…I always keep the leaves in our table (we like it large and our kitchen is big enough for it) but I believe someone else lower in the comments simply had two or three pieces of glass cut for their tabletop that are the same dimensions as the table halves and leaf. Wonder if its a good idea.I would worry about the tape lifting the finish off the wood.We move the glass about once a month on our table to clean it — I don’t take it off entirely, just slide it to one side, then the other. I like to make tongues at least 3/8″ long.I leave my stock long and cut the tongues on the table saw using a miter gauge and dado cutter (or, as in this case, a regular table saw blade, kerfing three or four times, to make the tongue).To make the buttons, leave your stock long and cut the tongues on the table saw using a miter gauge.I cut these buttons to length using a radial arm saw.

If I had it to do over again, I would consider having the glass cut 1/4″ wider than the tabletop to help keep the crumb-collection to a minimum. So happy I found your post!I am planning to do the same here in Nepal. It wouldn’t shatter and fly nicking other furniture.

I would like this top to sit directly on four wood supports. Pinewood Derby cars get painted. I do love the glass and think it looks great even with clear spacers. This makes it easy to slide the glass minimally. I too love the look of a wood table and didn’t want to have to baby it. I was thinking that glass over wood would be a good solution for our family, and was hoping I could buy one already like that. This is, of course, more important at the ends of the table (in cases such as the table I’m building, the top of which has the grain running lengthwise), where the top will move from side to side.

Not sure it’d look nearly as nice as the glass though.The biggest issue with Plexiglas, I think, is that it scratches SO easily. Ours fits the top exactly and continues to get crumbs under it to this day. Just got it installed today, as it took awhile to get it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It’s easy, all wood (well, apart from a screw), and requires no special materials.

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