how to clean saltwater catfish

How long can I keep the catfish on ice before cleaning? Before you head out on the water, make sure to take the proper safety precautions to minimize the risk of getting stung. As with most seafood, saltwater fish should be kept chilled from the moment they are caught until they are cooked. The sting of a catfish, whether a Florida saltwater catfish or one of many other species, is something you do not want to ignore. "It is very helpful, for me being disabled, it showed me step by step how to fillet a catfish. Saltwater catfish is actually a common name for both the Hardhead Catfish and the Gaffstopsail Catfish (Sail Cat for short).In this guide, we’re going to focus on the Hardhead Catfish. They are exactly like their freshwater cousins. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. This makes them incredibly slippery, so you need to make sure that you have a good handle on them before you begin cleaning them. Thanks for the help!" In fact, if they are lying side by side, it is virtually impossible to distinguish one from the other. Use any The main habitat of the saltwater catfish is nearshore or brackish waters in estuaries and river mouths. This was my first time preparing a freshwater catfish. It moves to deeper water during the winter months and into estuaries in the summer.Like freshwater catfish, what the saltwater cat eats will dictate how their flesh tastes. Cleaning a saltwater cat is pretty much the same as cleaning a freshwater catfish! These fish fight like a freight train, providing a fun-filled fishing experience for even the Here’s a few reasons that I can think of as to why these ocean catfish have received such a bad name over the years.So, how and why did they end up with such a negative reputation? Using the correct tools and technique you can clean a catfish in less than 15 seconds. It is venomous and can lead to a serious infection. Its back is silvery with blue, brown or green undertones and the underbelly is white in color.This catfish is an opportunistic eater and uses sand and mudflats as its hunting grounds. They have a brownish to gray-green body, with a white to yellowish belly and can grow up to 24 inches (12 pounds).One thing to look out for when handling catfish of any type is their spines! Stop cutting when you hit the vertebrae and change the angle of the cut before continuing. You know the saying…” you are what you eat.” Wait, aren’t Black Drum and Redfish also bottom feeders that eat just about anything a catfish would?And let’s not forget about their poisonous barbs! Catfish have tough, leathery skin that’s difficult to eat if it’s left on the meat. "Instructions were simple. Cleaning the catfish The first step of preparing a catfish is of course having one! Water quality and what they are scavaging on matters.These hardhead catfish don’t get large in size so catching and preparing many of them is necessary for a proper catfish cookout. Catfish in general can be difficult to clean, add the dangerous barbs and spikes of the hardhead & sail catfish and tedious can easily become dangerous. Cut down the vertebrae holding the knife at a slight angle while following the bone till you are about an inch from the tail.Use your knife to flop the fillet over so that the skin is lying on the flat surface.Start cutting at the tail to remove the skin from the fillet by holding down the knife at a slight angle from the flat surface you are cutting on and push down to cut the skin off.Turn the catfish over and repeat the steps on the other side for the second fillet and remove the skin on it in the same way.

Cleaning and freezing catfish you cannot eat right away preserves their freshness for a later meal.

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