how to find a good realtor reddit

“Although U.S. home prices have risen in the long term, the last decade has shown that path is sometimes full of twists, turns, dizzying heights and steep, abrupt falls. Pick a couple you can get along with and feel like you can trust, and have them give you a quote. The question alone reveals many of those elements, but the automatic distrust is one you should note. They might be great but might not be.If you get several different recommendations, feel free to talk to a couple and see who you're most comfortable with. Good luck! I highly recommend looking at open house but stay within 5-10% range if your max preferred purchase price. I have been licensed previously) and the agents mindsets here are so lackluster.I am from Maryland in a very high end competitive market, and this is like the wild Wild West in comparison. To find a good real estate agent, start by creating a list of possible candidates who are local and have at least 5 years of experience. It also wouldn't hurt to ask your agent who they would recommend for your financing, they probably have a good idea of who seems to have their ducks in a row, and who seems to always be trying to rush things through in the last minute before closing.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castFor discussion about what it means to be a Realtor. My partner got a transfer out in the Sarasota area so we will be renting for a year and checking out the various areas to see. I am also mutual fund licensed (not my primary focus currently) so this isn't just guessing or uneducated suggestion. Your financial advisor will likely know plenty of both that are easy to work with and will close your transaction with care and professionalism. I've been keeping track of our finances, credit scores, and have been picking up a lot of freelance to be able to have a 20% down payment with extra for the closing and other costs. We're about a year out from trying to purchase our first home and I've been told to "get a finance guy and a realtor lined up" I know theres a million and one realtors in every city but what things should I be asking/looking for with a good realtor to make sure there's a good experience on both ends?Also what kinds of things do you wish your clients were prepared with before beginning to look at houses? I'm assuming that's pretty well practiced in Sarasota, would they know and be able to navigate the policies/laws for that kind of thing too?Most important is to find how much you qualify for but not get the pre-approval letter until 90 days before you actually plan on purchasing. We’ll get to the answers but first we’d like to point you to the very question. 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Despite the answers being jumbled and many being time intensive (aka time wasting) these all bode well for traditional agents, so perhaps even the most tech savvy of the tech savvy (average Reddit users) believe in being reached via traditional methods?Other members pointed to, and a former agent left a rant about how busy agents that appear quality never call you back. If you know a realtor in another city, see if they have any ideas and/or ask if they can get a referral fee with the realtor you end up going with. It must be tough being a buyer and having to discern what is real, what is fake, and what is junk! If you try to find someone on Google or any of the real estate websites (really just advertising websites passing themselves off as a real estate resource), you'll just end up with someone who's paying lots of money so you'll find them. Within a week we were under contract. I think word of mouth is the best way to find a realtor. (REALUOSO.COM) – Corporate warfare demands headlines in every industry, but in the real estate tech sector, a storm has been brewing for years, which in the last year has come to a head. Granted, this is a very web savvy community which is typically one peppered with disdain for corporations and companies not in the tech startup world, and is often wrought with condescension and cynicism. A real estate agent can serve as your guide from start to finish during the home purchase or sale process, so don’t be afraid to start reaching out to potential agents even when you’re still not quite ready to put your house on the market or haven’t figured out which lender is best for you. Far from it. It is no guarantee of performance but it is a strong indicator of capability. It can really financially benefit you to be flexible with timing, including buying when the market is typically slowed through the year.Thank you! Shop around for a loan officer you trust. Other members of the community said “You are going to need to apply for a mortgage, so if you have a bank you prefer they can suggest a realtor in your area/price bracket.” The same member recommended searching Realtors’ websites in the desired price range and looking for repetition in agents among favored listings (which is a little misguided as buyer’s agents won’t always be named on a listing), blindly calling brokerages to test whoever is on “desk duty” to see if there is a match, real estate booklets, and driving around calling signs. Ask their experience. If I were picking a realtor, I would go there first and see what everyone has to say. This is due to rising construction costs, scarcity of lots, and a low inventory of new homes that doesn’t meet the demand.The last year has been one of dramatic and rapid change in the real estate tech sector, but Realtors are vulnerable, and we’re worried. See who is willing to take the time to meet for coffee and discuss the process. “Buying a house is a big decision and a big commitment,” the company notes. In the following sections, your will find guides on how to find a Realtor to sell your home, including tips on finding a Realtor for renting.

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