how to make a yamaha rhino quieter

as of 2019, electric UTVs do not really have the same level of popularity that gas models have, and because of that, there are some dealers that are trying to move stalled inventory via rebates, discounts, and deals.

I mean, these machines tend to be louder than a car on idle. Of course, you can also just buy a pair of cheap foam ear plugs and block out the sound that you hear. I’m not sure if you have ridden on an electric car like a Tesla or a Nissan Leaf before, but when those vehicles accelerate, they do not produce any engine noise, which tends to surprise the passengers. Yamaha Rhinos can be incredibly loud, to a point where enjoyable rides are not that enjoyable at all.

That will always be a problem with vehicles that have an open cabin.Thankfully with so many clever people experiencing the same problem, these solutions popped up as well. The Kolpin UTV Stealth Exhaust System's patented design quiets UTV exhaust noise by 50% with only a microscopic loss in performance. Top Speed Numbers Of ALL TRX Models Four of these pads bought in a dollar store will end up costing you less than $4 so it’s a very small investment.If you want a professional and safe way to quiet the exhaust noise, definitely install the This silencer uses a bolt-on adapter. and when it comes to the current rides available on the market, there are some that are definitely quieter than others. and when it comes to underinflated tires, that is also something that can produce more road noise than usual.

And if you are one of the many riders that are looking to quiet down their side by side, then this article is for you. Since theRhino has an ATV engine, it is not surprising that most of the same aftermarketexhaust manufacturers now have offerings for it. Since they’re self-adhesive installing them is a simple process. :) - Luka is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to to 6 Best Soundproofing Panels For Walls (According to Science!

I learned about soundproofing while working in construction for my uncle.

The Benz Silent Rider exhaust does a good job of reducing exhaust noise. This is a cheap DIY solution that works for a short period... 2. Yamaha Rhino Exhaust Buyer’s Guide: A stock Rhino comes in at approximately 91db. be aware though that this will obviously affect the handling and performance of your UTVAnother way you can avoid noisy UTVs is by just getting an electrically powered model. the electric motor provides a lot of power and the instant torque might catch you by surprise. The Kolpin UTV stealth exhaust quiets down your UTV to a level you have never heard it before.

ideally, you are going to want the slip-on because it’s much easier to install and you don’t need to deal with bolts, but they may or may not have it available depending on your side by side model.

Electric UTVs tend to be pretty similar to gas-powered side by sides, with similar steering wheels, toggles, switches and tires. Forestry approved spark arrestor.Also available – BRP/FMF Dual Power Exhaust (Exclusive to Black Rhino Performance)Includes U.S. Forestry approved spark arrestor and quiet core.Kits includes spark arrestor & quiet cores. The adapter stays attached to your factory muffler and acts as the tailpipe. they kind of sound like the diesel engine on a truck.

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