how to stake aloe vera plant

Repotted it once, and now I need to hurry up and repot it to a larger vessel, as it is now stressing out.

Yes, a healthy plant will continue to grow new leaves and blooms. Aloes can be difficult plants to train.

"I knew the benefits of aloe for the skin, just needed a refresher so I can educate my sister in law, since I am
One out of three plants successfully spreaded roots. I had to stake mine up for a couple of weeks to keep it from toppling over & you might have to also. Give it lots of sun and just a little water, it'll regrow roots and probably start offsetting, too! Yes, plants, including aloe vera, remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air. However, it did produce a lot of plantlets. I had posted a aloe question before seeing this chat. I found the answers to my questions and concerns. Plus, it also indicates that I am doing the right things that I need to be doing. Aloe plants grow the best outside in full sun or inside with supplemental growth lights. Don't be dismayed if you see little or no healthy roots, they will regrow. I am new to growing aloe vera, and this really helped answer all my questions in a A sunny kitchen window or another sunny place in your house is perfect for an aloe plant. "Like many people I haven't had much success with indoor succulents so didn't bother with them for years! I really did not know how to care for them I liked the recipes and uses for aloe plants and now I want to get some more!" But I needed to In cold climates, the plant may thrive best under UV light if your indoor temperatures are low. Aloe in full shade will not thrive, so make sure there's a least a little sun in the room where you place the aloe.

Caring for an aloe vera plant is simple once you know the basics. This article was co-authored by Maggie Moran. Tonya, I blush at your praise and am happy for your aloe! "Just put my aloe outside on my balcony, where it gets full sun part of the day. This is a plant that is a New England resident!" It is quite happy now in my kitchen window in a new pot and some water(just a little!) Brown leaves on an aloe vera plant can be caused by various problems or a combination of such problems. "Tried to repot a baby plant a couple of times. Aloe vera plants need bright light, so they do best in south- or west-facing windows. Or, it might help to harvest some of the heavier leaves in a way that evens the balance of the plant, depending on the plant's growth stage and age. reading this, I have renewed confidence with my new aloe vera plant."

Houseplants. instructions on the pot, and I couldn't find anyone who knew. you literally can't walk through it without trampling over the plants. houseplants! that made it died a month later. "Like many people I haven't had much success with indoor succulents so didn't bother with them for years! My second one is thriving and I am hoping to give some away soon. Pests and Problems. The one baby I did remove is still pale and not sprouting...any ideas? Also, it hasn't put off any baby plants in the whole time I have had it - is there something wrong with that? We love our little garden of plants, but have no idea how to care for our family Should I re-pot it again?
The aloe vera plant is an easy, attractive succulent that makes for a great indoor companion. The pictures helped me understand a lot, too. It was watered about 4 days ago. This article answered all of my questions (re-potting, soil type, watering etc.).

Thank you!" (The bottom leaf was burned quite some time ago. "Now I know what to do for my aloe! Try using a small bamboo stake with a soft ribbon or string to tie the plant to the stake; favor a strong area of the plant for drawing onto the stake. Hi all! Larger Aloe vera plants can be quite heavy. This website helped to learn more how to take care of my aloe I thought, but wasn't sure what kind of soil aloe grow in. Water it when the top 2 inches of soil are dry, or about once a week.

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