how to take care of turtles from chinatown

They came in a little portable container with a handle. What is wrong with chloe why is she biting speedy? For example, different kinds of turtles differ in size, preferred environment, coloration, and living habits. That makes the water unbearably smelly!Does anyone have any idea what is happening and what to do about it?If his eyes are closed and his mouth is open he is dead. It’s really rude to yell at people who were trying to save another living creature.Plus – the largest recorded turtle was 11.4″…not much larger than a small dinnerplate.

i want them for my dorm!By the way. Fencing that is sunk into the ground, a cover on the top of the enclosure, a watering hole and a place to hide must all be considered. From what I have read on the net the diet should consist of 25% pallets, 25% live fish and 50% fruits and veggies. How do you feed the turtles? The sunlight, she says, helps their shells develop property; without it, they can get metabolic bone disease.It depends on the type of turtle you have, of course, but turtles will generally eat insects, fish (like comet goldfish, which are smaller than the common goldfish) and dark, leafy greens. It wasn’t easy for me in the beginning but, I got the hang of it.I agree I fave seen people wondering why there red eared sliders arent breeding when the turtles are only a month oldhow come when i put my finger near my turtles face he just loves to chase it and when he catches up to my finger he shakes his two little hands?

First time I was shock, I thougnt she was sick. i need help! The male turtle puts his hands out and the female turtle puts her head in between. and the guy who sold them to you probably doesn’t have a f*cking idea what turtles need and that they are ANIMALS WITH MORE NEEDS than a dog or a cat!!! I have a UV light because it is needed to strengthen their shells. Learn what it takes to properly care for your turtle or tortoise in this pet owners guide. it like twitches sorta. Speedy ate most of the food but i made sure chloe got some food. He had anywhere from 10 to 15ish turtles in that one small tiny plastic home.

Turtles may not be cuddly, but they are awfully cute and generally easy to care for if you’re well researched and prepared.Although turtle-care isn’t too difficult, it’s essential that their environment be well maintained, said Dr. Stewart Colby, DVM and founder of Windward Animal Hospital in Johns Creek, Georgia.“In general, turtles spend most of their life in the water and thus need an environment that has water to swim in and a place to climb out if they so choose,” he said.If you've ever wondered how to take care of a pet turtle, or you already have one but want to brush up on your turtle parenting skills, consider this your turtle tutorial.Let’s start with a quick explanation on the difference between a turtle and a tortoise. Don't turn the turtle quickly, wave it around, or flip it over in a full circle while you're holding it. !could cost me about RM 1020 ! I will be holding on to this guy and hopefully raising it well. Now almost ten years later both turtles grew up and they are thriving in my pond, A friend of mine works at a turtle tortoise rescue and they get tons of Red eared sliders from people who are unable to care for them. They really benefit from a full body soak. I wonder , at their age are they adept in swimming?
!My baby red ear slider will ONLY eat his pellets! Also, don’t just feed your turtle lettuce because it won’t get enough nutrients if it has a severely limited diet. I’ve kept a little bit of water just so he doesn’t dry out but should I put in enough water so it goes over his head? Probably originally from chinatown. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!

i feel like it means she wants to be fed, but i worry she may be distressed.Hello RES LOVE: best suggestion for you is to seriously learn the needs of a RES. if not, it would be best if you brought him to the vet. i keep them seperate.and another thing. He also stopped eating and never went in the water. Nearly all young turtles will have something happening so this is really a safety precaution more than anything else. He is swimming ok now but he won’t open his eyes. or the turtle could be stressed. turtles are really difficult to take care of!!! Just today actually. Anyone in NY or anyone willing to email back and fourth, shoot me an email. We gave the babies away. Tallulah shares a brilliant idea – she wants to build a Turtle Farm, which would teach the locals to cherish the main treasure of their island. good luck!are you sure its a good idea to keep your turtles with your fish? because i keep her water warm in 80 degrees water temp, as well as her basking area. how do i tell ?? It’s a good thing they do, because those senses help them to find their food. he doesn’t want you to cut his precious nails because you would ruin his chance of finding a nice turtle-lady (in the wild) for himself to mate with.ok turtels have survived since the dawn of time they out lived the fucking dinosaursalso my sister has forgotten to feed out turtel when i was away …. Thanks!i have 2 baby red eared sliders and a feeder fish that is about 3 cm long that is a minnow. With proper care (which is not always easy to provide), box turtles can live up to 50 years. I am really worreid about her. All i have is a ten gallon tank for 2 4 inch turtles.

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