installing pool lights existing pool

When the pool water level reaches the light, the light ring and gasket can be installed. This is where we get out of the studio and meet up with real pool owners to troubleshoot, repair or install anything pool related.But as you know with anything involving pools, it is never that easy. You will also wire the pool light from the light niche to the junction box (see below). I think they are all incandescent as well. I would recommend having the conduit about 2-3 feet down inside the trench.With the pool at least half full of water, water level up to the bottom of the light, float the light in the shallow end, and walk the other end of the cord to the deep end. Follow the Hayward pool light niche installation instructions. As I read through the instructions, Hayward has a “backup ring” that fits on the outside of the pool wall (this of course is 4′ underground and under poured concrete in my pool) to support the housing niche. I know the paler plaster colors hinder the brightness as well. Before and after pics would be awesome as well.Making the switch to LEDs is not going to improve your brightness, unfortunately. Lou had lowered the water level for other reasons before we showed up.Thanks for these Pool Side Repairs, guys!

Remove the epoxy with a needle nosed plier and a flathead screwdriver. The most common ways of sealing the niche are epoxy and rubber cord stoppers.For this installation, the original cable was epoxied in. And how to i achieve it?Can you explain more about the ground wire that is in the niche itself? Then the vinyl inside the light ring is cut out, and the lamp can be installed into the light niche, with the light cord running out the back of the niche, to the power junction box.You will also provide the trenching from the pool excavation to the equipment pad, which is usually dug during excavation. My pool plaster is Hydrazzo Maui Midnight (so, not white or light blue) if that makes a difference. oOnce this is done, you can remove the light from the niche and snip the power cable just behind the light fixture.To pull the cable through the conduit, we must remove the watertight seal attaching it to the niche. Does that need to be removed as well when installing a new light? Run the cord over the pool edge and then replace the edging. In some parts of the country this must be done to be compliant to the local electrical code. Im sure these guys did that, just didnt see it on the video. In The Swim Yesterday I had a brand new pool light installed in my gunite pool. I have power to the electrical panel, but light will not turn on.

Can you give me any thoughts/suggestions on how I can install the Hayward SP0607U (retrofit) in my 35 year old Fiberglass pool (with concrete deck)? Let’s hop into action with the video, and below we have steps so you can follow along with each step.You have made the decision to replace your plain white pool white with a color changing LED; the next thing is figuring out which LED will fit your light’s niche and cord length.Most incandescent pool lights are a standard size, around 10.12 inches in diameter; for which a LED light fixture like the Pentair Intellibrite, Hayward Colorlogic, and Pureline PureColors are drop-in replacements. Mount the light on the pool wall according to manufacturer specifications. From there, another trench is needed, to bring power wires, in conduit, from the sub-panel by the equipment pad, or from the main house panel. If you have a hard wall pool and are using a corded light, remove the edging over the area where you are going to install the light. For time’s sake, we hope your light has a rubber cord stopper as they are much each to remove and can be re-used. Then pull the fish tape back out of the junction box, so that it pulls the cord of the light with it, through the conduit and into the junction box.Test the light for only 1 second – without water to cool the light, the lens and bulb can overheat and burst within minutes! Be careful to get it right, especially the ground, don’t want anyone getting hurt.I’m having an electrician come by tonight to check it out and see if they can detect the problem. I only noticed after-the-fact that the pool contractor installed spa-sized lights EVERYWHERE! Your electrician should be familiar with what’s required, if not, ask your inspector.A: Make sure the electrical conduit is down far enough so that if you ever need to dig in that area of the yard you won’t hit them. it is very important that you never screw through or cut any area of the liner until the water level reaches the area that you are going to cut out.A: You can do either. Once that’s done, affix the bracket to the existing mount locations using the screw kit provided… These install into a regular 1.5″ PVC pipe, and usually more than one is installed, because they are not as bright. Good video though..We built a pool with our new home (20′ X 45′ in-ground with integrated spa). Feed the pool light cable through the supplied retro bracket. However when my husband tested the light junction box there is no power.Lauren, as they say “the problem lies, where the power dies”, so maybe a loose connection on the breaker, or loose connection at the J-box, or something in between. Tie old light cable to new cable, pull through the conduit. If you do not have the original light to measure or just, want to double check you are getting the right light don’t hesitate to call us.You will also need to measure the length of electrical needed for the installation. If that does not fix it, open up the light junction box and test for power from the breaker (carefully), and be sure connections are tight and correct to the light cord.The GFI outlet is lighting up green on the pool sub panel.

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