is lego house legit

High end or low end, you name it, some companies in China are distributing some major knock-offs on not only eBay or The general rule of thumb is, if the advert or offer is too-good-to-be-true then it is exactly what is: a dubious scam that you better avoid.

I will no longer purchase direct as it cost over $27 to return a new unopened set because my child saw a new set he wanted more. 12,000 m 2 large and filled with 25 million LEGO bricks, LEGO waterfalls and giant animals and plants. 'Lego England' – which, thankfully, now seems to be offline – isn't the first site of its type out there, and it won't be the last either. However, as other LEGO fans will attest, some of their orders (and after paying in the process) never arrived on their doorsteps. Looks like theres scams going around pretending to be Lego, offering upto 85% precent off. Is This LEGO Seller Site Legit? The knockoffs are why Donald Trump is in a trade war with China.

Lego is very rarely discounted to more than 20-25%, unless you stumble across a clearance bargain from legitimate shop. LEGO ® House - Home of the Brick . Lego- your sets are already overpriced and the lack of … Stick to buying your Lego sets from Lego itself, or a genuine store. The best way to steer away from this fakes and knock offs is to ensure that we only get our LEGO sets from our local LEGO store, or via LEGO Shop@Home.

The problem is that it just isn’t a problem for LEGO but for other products. Such as the case of these fake LEGO shopping websites that were brought to our attention by concerned LEGO community member According to their report, there are now a handful of fake LEGO shopping websites that actively seek to deceive LEGO fans in buying from their site. The contact details are all fake and payments show as dnapartyhome with a completely different email address of Ordered a LEGO Disney Castle 71040 from mzzstore, got a necklace.LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station (10263) Finally ConfirmedFrom the Rumor Mill: Possible List of Cancelled LEGO Dimensions Year 3 Titles Remember to shop only at legitimate sites like Stick to buying your Lego sets from Lego itself, or a genuine store. However, this also means that unscrupulous individuals will also be equally aggressive in trying to scam you for your hard-earned cash, and they will do so in very clever and ingenious means. As we count the weeks before the holiday shopping season begins, most of us have already began preparing our Christmas wish list (and bracing our wallets in the process) for that very special LEGO set that we’re eyeing on for so long. Lego is NOT a small company and children change their minds especially with all their marketing. This video is unavailable. We naturally love LEGO, and because we know that our LEGO collection is … Continue reading "Stay Away From These Fake LEGO Shopping Websites" (I Highly Doubt It but Worth a Shot) Ahbal on 04/07/2019 - 17:26 Last edited 04/07/2019 - 18:16 by 1 other user. Alas, this so-called 'Lego England' magically had them in stock for less than a fiver. :) Thanks for the tip Mike.

Lego is very rarely discounted to more than 20-25%, unless you stumble across a clearance bargain from legitimate shop. Their site is even made to look very much the same as that of, with its layout and design closely resembling the real thing. Over the last few weeks, there's been a wave of fake Lego websites pop up. Worse, even if a particular set do arrive, what they eventually received was a fake, Lepin set – this is raw, shameless, marketing deception at the highest levels. Lego – the real, official one, that is – is aware of the issue, and We are aware of the existence of websites that mislead consumers in different ways and we take all of these incidents very seriously.

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