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Sigh. 3 years ago. However, we’re overlooking one crucial part to most ancient rituals: virginal sacrifice.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the book’s pivotal sex scene. Beverly sees a fist.

Unable to reconcile the training he's etched into his life to protect himself from his leperousy and this dream existence where he's been cured of it, he decides it must be a dream and in a fit of rage (and lust as a result of his first sensation of physical arousal in 10 years), he attacks the first person that befriended him in a wildly misguided attempt to break the "delusional dream" that he now feels trapped in. He calls the aspirator fluid battery acid; thus it becomes battery acid. Ben knows there is "some final shape" they can't see, but the spider is the nearest they can get in this world. And that portrayal is not just in one (cringe-worthy) scene; it's throughout the book. One of the plot issues of the 2017 film is the fact that Beverly (played to absolute perfection by Sophia Lillis, whom I hope to witness have a career that is long and prosperous) is the victim of rumors concerning her sexual activity. Yes, once I read King's explanation of it, I got it. That said, it makes some sense in the context of the story: the protagonist, Thomas Covenant, has been a leper for I think 10 years at the point he's translated to a the magical Land wherein he's abruptly cured of the symptoms of his leperousy by a beautiful young woman. Inside they see dead Tom. B: Does the scene do what Stephen King wanted it to do?” Once he has served his purpose for "That's not your brother! It Study Guide. I guess what I’m saying is that this works on a theoretical level, but I didn't get there as a reader. The comeuppance comes in the form of these men being hacked to death by an axe wielder in a crowded bar where nobody lifts a finger to help them. Between the movie adaptations and the book’s title, it’s difficult to prove definitively that this critique didn't exist at the time. I don't think you're making a bad choice by skipping something that's guaranteed to push your buttons.

I was ten when I read the book the first time, and my views on it have changed. I am greatly looking forward to the 2017 film version. 4 pages at 400 words per page) View a FREE sample. Bill is nearly hysterical about what has happened to Audra, and Richie doesn't know Bill's guilt is intensified by Bill's recent encounter with Beverly. and a ridiculously noble idea of childhood. How could I be NOT classy? It’s tough to say that NO reviews … As do a lot of other writers. Times have changed since I wrote that scene and there is now more sensitivity to those issues. It makes sense that all films shied away from the sewer scene – audiences simply aren’t ready to see this scene played out in front of them because it’s too psychologically difficult to reconcile with social values. Stan sees a bird because he is fresh off the triumph of defeating the giant bird; he has proved he has no fear of it.

In fact, it bugged me so much I was making notes in the dark while watching it (using the light under the table--I was at Alamo Drafthouse). Much like how the adults of Derry refused to see It, we sometimes don’t want to admit that the growing up process includes some uncomfortable truths. When the Losers enter the sewers for the first time, in August 1958, Henry, Victor and Belch pursue them, but the Losers and the bullies soon get separated. Then Richie dispatches it with a weak punch. Eddie sees a symbol for poison. You can ask For instance, in the book version of Congo, they chase gorillas away by deciphering their language and telling them to leave. It develops a backup plan in Henry Bowers. Here’s the thing: Bill (who was a proxy for King, which made the whole “giving a prepubescent girl the big O” factor about as comfortable as a gynecological exam with a cold speculum) engages in the Ritual of Chud, an ancient process designed to grant him passage into a mystical realm that allows him to gain access to various secrets and defeat It. The sexual act connected childhood and adulthood. As the Losers approach the tiny door, Georgie approaches the group, blaming Bill for his lost boat and his lost life.

Something very akin to the sex scene happens at least two other times in the book. The hints are there from Bowers that “she’ll do you all if you ask her nicely.” Some deeply disagree with this plot change for Beverly; I found that it created a bridge between what couldn’t be shown and the adaptation/update of Bev’s status as an outcast. From this point forward we're going to be pretty subjective. Spoilers from here forward (although you can skip to the final section if you're curious about whether or not you should read Course Hero, Inc. As a reminder, you may only use Course Hero content for your own personal use and may not copy, distribute, or otherwise exploit it for any other purpose.

What I DON’T buy so much is that it never crossed King’s mind that OTHER people would take it that way, and I’m sort of surprised that nobody who proofed the book questioned the scene. It doesn’t have a partner – hell, Bev even refers to sex as “doing it,” which puns the name of the evil force the kids are fighting. There had been a story in the newspaper about the time we decided to move up here about a young man who came out of the Jaguar Tavern during the Bangor Fair.

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