juno conjunct mc synastry

Reply. Conjunct his sun, opposite his Pluto, and square both Jupiter and Saturn for him.I don’t know the house set up for either of them, but it seems unlikely that none of those planets would fall in an area that would impact the relationship.From what I have seen in my clients’ charts, I would say that connection is there and it is felt by both people. My Juno in Libra is Conjunct a Libra mans Juno Saturn Conjunction. Dishes stacks on top of each other for weeks, dirty laundry under the bathroom cabinets, their kids having eat for days and they don’t shower. Reply. Your description of my and her current situation was spot on. My Juno is in Pisces; his, Virgo. Your reading was amazing! You see, nothing comes for free.The famous actor Jeremy Irons made a remark a few years ago worth of his Juno conjunct MC in Aries. Juno in the 3rd House: Communication will tend to be an especially important here, and marriage or partnership will tend to improve the communications ability of anyone with this placement, especially if there are harmonious aspects to Juno (sextile and trine). Who has it? Maybe positive payback time :))Just to make sure that I understood you correctly; the conjunction between Karma and Juno has 3°orb, right? It’ll be square his Juno and her Venus. I admire his actions and his gentle style of romance + desire for peace is something I truly value.

I believe, quite seriously and literally that My son was King David and I was his first wife, Michal, in a past life. Ugh gah..turn off. etc. Wondering about his Karma conjunct my Juno (2° Pisces)/ MC( 29°Aqarius)? There were a few other issues that manifested from this aspect but this was a major one.Ouch! Juno, key word for spouse and partner, has similar characteristics than Venus, the goddess of love, ideals and pleasure, Venus the creative woman and mistress, the female archetype that establish relationships with no vulnerability.

It’s within 1 degree.My big concern was with his prominent pluto in Scorpio opposite his Taurus sun are square her mars in leo and mercury in Aquarius. But I don’t have so much knowledge. IP: Logged That person would show the qualities of devotion, loyalty etc in her career or her face to the world. Since day one we have been in love at first sight and are literally inseparable.It’s very interesting. Hence the need to negotiate, to adapt, to reconcile the differences. Jupiter cheated on Juno, however she still stayed with him and fulfilled her traditional duties. I didn’t need to talk about it, I could feel it deeply.

Author: Topic: Synastry Juno conjunct MC: lilithpluto Knowflake . our synastry: my juno conjunct her sun,moon,mercury,venus,pluto and chiron Her juno conjunct my mars, sextile my moon and opposite my sun. I would like to know if there’s a possibility that I met this person in my past life.Besides this his Mars conjuncts my Moon and my Pars Fortune in Gemini.And what is more interesting that his Venus 9,59 and his Neptune 12,49 conjunct in Saggitarius and they are in my 7th house.My son has Juno at 25 Scorpio conjunct my Vertex also at 25 Scorpio. You helped tremendously! But I’m wondering if we start dating more seriously would he make me want my individuality more with this aspect? He basically opposed gay marriage on the grounds that it could ‘debase’ marital law, suggesting it could be manipulated to allow fathers to pass on their estates to their sons without being taxed, because he supposed incest laws would not apply to men. That marriage relationship will help the NN person find his dreams.

Juno to Juno would mean a willingness and desire to form some kind of committed, equal partnership, based on house and sign. Thank you a lot!!!! He didn’t have any planets at my MC, but he has Sun, Mercury, Uranus sextile to my MC, and Chiron trine my MC. I have Lilith exactly conjunct my South Node. The strongest aspects are conjunctions and oppositions. Synastry True Lunar Node in the other person's 12th house: How do you help guide each other’s to fulfill your destinies and spiritual growth?

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