karcher fc5 no water coming out

Our customer support for North America is located in the US and available by phone (800-537-4129) or online at We're proud of our German heritage. Thank you, Kärcher UK. If the power switch, carbon brush or power outlet are defective, please consult one of our Remove the cartridge filter and empty the container. – The FC 5 is simple to use – just follow the instructions shown in the user manual and this video to quickly get your hard floors clean and shining like new. If the spray gun is not activated, the pump will switch off automatically. Hello Zoe. Thank you for your review. Switch the pressure washer on without the steel pipe and allow it to run until there is no more air coming out of the spray gun. When the nozzle release button is depressed, the flow of detergent to the rollers is stopped.To empty the dirty water tank (on the back of the FC5), simple squeeze the top and pull out. Insert the other end into the water butt. I’m so glad I bought Kärcher. Hard or wet leaves can quickly lead to blockages in the suction hose or container inlet.Level 2 is only used for operating power tools. There is no need to ever drive your Kärcher hard floor cleaner to a service center (unlike other floor cleaning machines!). Link to FAQ "When can a claim be made under the warranty? If you do not find the answer you are looking for on the following page, please do not hesitate to contact us.You can find out which accessories match your machine by checking your operating instructions or our website. Hello Graham, thank you for your review. To my surprise, the mop water from the FC5 was very dirty and it had collected a bunch of debris that shouldn’t have been on my 'clean floors.'"

Our warranty terms and conditions state that your machine is covered for warranty repair only outside of the 30 day returns period however we would like to look in to this further and have sent a request for further information so that we can locate your account. Unfortunately, missing items must be reported to us within 30 days following purchase as advised. I explained my issue all over again to a different advisor. See business transparency Even Stairs!

The machine was eventually picked up on the 29/05 and returned on the 01/07.
Hello Brian, thank you for your review and we are glad to hear that our customer care team were ale to resolve this issue quickly for you. Either karcher are telling lies about the pressure of there machines or stihl are more than what they say.

Kärcher UK. Motorized hard floor cleaners can save money in the long run and clean your hard floors more thoroughly. – "...automatically removes dirt, liquids and debris from the rollers so you're always cleaning with clean rollers for amazing results."

If the filter bag is damaged, replace it.Check the HEPA filter, suction nozzle, suction pipe, filter bag and motor protection filter for blockages.Replace the batteries if necessary. Thanks, Kärcher UK. We are sorry to hear that you have experienced an issue with your recent order. We stand behind our products – you won't find a better warranty program for a Hard Floor Cleaner! The water was coming from the tap to the pressure washer but wasn't coming out of the pressure washer. The vacuum cleaner starts when the power tool is switched on and stays on for around 15-20 seconds after the power tool has been switched off.When vacuuming fine dust you should always use a filter bag.Check that the suction hose is inserted properly and that there are no defects. We hope you have a great weekend and please do not hesitate to contact us for any further queries. ""As well as cleaning quickly, and even coping with tough, ground-in dirt, the FC 5 has a vacuum action that sucks up dirty water from the floor and puts it into a tank at the back of the machine. Hardwood Floors The vacuum cleaner starts when the power tool is switched on and stays on for around 15-20 seconds after the power tool has been switched off.When vacuuming fine dust you should always use a filter bag.Check that the suction hose is inserted properly and that there are no defects. Why is this important? A pressure washer allows you to carry out your cleaning tasks even more quickly than with conventional methods while also using less water.Yes, you should use a suction hose with filter for this (part number: 4.400-238.0). It was an old machine and had been repaired once before. Stay away from this company. Laminate Flooring (Waterproof) Observe the maximum delivery height.Pull out the mains plug and clean the suction area.Check the mains fuse. We have since May 15th waiting for a response of refund or exchange. No apology for the fact my machine had been sent out with missing parts. After talking through my options I decided a new machine was the way to go.

I literally ended up crying on the phone because of how stressed I was about the whole ordeal. On the first use after the return the same fault occurred. Do not hold the nozzle in one place for a long time. If there is water in the cartridge filter, allow this to dry.Check the power outlet and please consult one of our The capacity depends on the delivery height and on the other equipment connected to the pump.

Karcher ""Kärcher have the perfect solution for a flawless clean without the lengthy time tag. Kärcher offers special polishing pads for hard surfaces, waxed hard surfaces, varnished hard surfaces and matt stone floors.Check the fuse and power outlet. Steer clear 5 month old window vac ' replaced' by lower spec refurbished model..not worth the money or hassle "My floors were mopped just two days before I tried out the Karcher FC5 for the first time. Avoid. Thank you.

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