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This is the story of the October 1997 Loomis Fargo Heist, the second largest robbery on U.S. soil.In the true hillbilly style, we’re going to be drinking a Hillbilly Margarita! He then proceeded to load about $17.3 million in cash (approximately $11 million of which was in $20 bills) into the back of a company van. This is the story of the October 1997 Loomis Fargo Heist, the second lar

Remember to enjoy legally and responsibly!Now that you’ve got your hick-style margarita, are you ready for the case?In 1997, David Scott Ghantt was working as the vault supervisor at the regional branch of Loomis, Fargo & Co. in Charlotte, North Carolina. He snatched the tapes from two surveillance cameras, unaware that a third was watching his handiwork. I didn’t even have a real home life because I was never there. For a time, it was nicknamed "the It was later confirmed by the FBI that more than 88% of the stolen cash had been located or otherwise accounted for. Chambers reportedly told the movers that these barrels contained dog food, but in reality, this is where they stored the cash that didn’t get spent or stored in the bank.

Then he proceeded to load somewhere around $17.3 million in cash into the back of a company van. While in court the judge asked David’s family to stand and a dozen people rose to their feet, including David’s wife, Tammy. In addition to the eight co-conspirators, thirteen other relatives and friends were charged with money laundering, since they had co-signed for safe deposit boxes that were used to store the money. I was working all the time and unhappy...I felt cornered and one day the joking in the break room about robbing the place suddenly didn’t seem so far-fetched.”On that day, Ghantt had been joking about robbing the company with fellow employee Kelly Campbell. It didn’t take long for their suspicious behavior to inspire their neighbors to make some calls into the FBI. She had previously been making frequent small deposits to avert suspicion. He stayed in a luxury hotel, ate expensive food and went out on tourist excursions like scuba diving and parasailing.

What they did take didn’t even fill up a moving truck. ``I told him he was wasting his time there,' said Ghantt's mother, Sue Ghantt. So, barely a week after the heist, the Chambers went from having almost nothing in their bank account to having tens of thousands of dollars in multiple banks. Two days later, when the FBI found the Loomis Fargo armored van, they discovered almost $3.3 million in cash left in the back of the van; it was later discovered that the thieves had miscalculated the sheer bulk of the small denomination currency, and that they simply left the cash that they could not take with them in the back of the van. Ghantt would tell her that he loves her and she would say that she loved him, but it’s unclear whether or not her feelings were real. Ghantt said, “I was working sometimes 75-80 hours a week at $8.15 an hour. Campbell was frequently irritable, often snapping at her family members and she ate a lot. Campbell was another employee at Loomis Fargo and she and Ghantt quickly struck up a relationship, one that Campbell denies was ever romantic though FBI evidence says otherwise, and one that continued after she left the company. Kelly had recently left a job driving an armored-car for Loomis, Fargo & Co. "He's the one who brought it up first," said Kelly, a year after her arrest. In this episode, I’m going to tell you about a case that’s been nicknamed “the hillbilly heist”, mostly due to the fact that the setting and major players in this story are all from small towns around Charlotte, North Carolina. They questioned her about her relationship to Ghantt and asked her when she last spoke with him. I wanted to get as far away as I could.

Kelly told the Washington Post, “That would be living on the run, and I didn’t want my kids to live that way...Steve told me to tell [David] whatever was necessary to keep him happy.”Eventually, once enough time had passed, they would then return to the United States and they would divide the full sum up equally between all the conspirators. For the New York State assemblyman, see "Wells Fargo and Loomis forming armored car company", You see, there’s a reason Loomis Fargo used armored cars to move large amounts of cash. He now operates a gym in Gaston County and stated, “I’ve moved on with my life.”David Ghantt was sentenced to 7 and a half years in prison and fined $26,000. This robbery was the largest cash robbery on U.S. soil! Let us know what you think about this case and don’t forget to send us your case suggestions or drink pictures at!

At around 6 pm that night, Ghantt sent the newly hired employee he was training home early. He also took multiple measures to disguise himself after a patron at a restaurant told him that he “looked like the man who robbed a bank of $20 million.”It took the FBI no time at all to connect Ghantt to Kelly Campbell.The two had been close at work, despite both of them being married, which didn’t go unnoticed. Friends of Campbell had also begun spending large amounts of cash. Unfortunately, he failed to disable the third camera. The plan was for Ghantt to commit the robbery and then quickly leave the country for Mexico – but to leave the bulk of the cash with Chambers. According to the Charlotte Observer, “She bought herself a minivan and told her mother she’d borrowed it from a friend.

They knew Steve Chambers had worked as an informant in the past, and were nervous he would smell out an undercover.In order to receive more evidence, the FBI decided to listen. On Oct. 4, 1997, Loomis Fargo guard David Scott Ghantt found himself alone at the end of his shift. I wanted to make a drastic change and I went for it.” Over the next few months, Ghantt, Campbell, and Chambers developed a plan.

His job as vault supervisor and driver for Loomis & Fargo Co. was one example. It was an open-and-shut case and all authorities had to do now was to find the culprit and identify Ghantt’s accomplices.Campbell and Chambers made themselves easy to catch, what with their lavish spending.

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