klein matterhorn cable car accident

The Klein Matterhorn is part of the Breithorn massif and overlooks on its south side the almost equally high flat glacier named Breithorn Plateau, just north of the international border with Italy. After all it's not every day that one gets rescued from a cable car by helicopter. I knew there was a good reason why I only go up very high mountains in the Summer.. what an experience! The name "Klein Matterhorn" is a A traumatic experience indeed, but I hope you can look back on this as one of the more interesting and exciting days of your life. Panorama map Thanked 1,132 Times in 622 Posts Thanked 411 Times in 226 Posts Ready for summer? Groaned at 0 Times in 0 Posts Klein Matterhorn Cable Car is located in a scenic area of Zermatt known for its magnificent mountain views and skiing. Thanked 122 Times in 14 Posts I'm afraid of heights myself...that definitely wouldn't be for me. The Klein Matterhorn is a peak of the Pennine Alps, overlooking Zermatt in the Swiss canton of Valais. Lifts open Matterhorn glacier paradise Linking the three resorts would create one of the largest continuous skiing areas in the world, with over 600 kilometres of slopes. Thanked 5,236 Times in 2,551 Posts Groaned at 4 Times in 4 Posts Groaned at 3 Times in 3 Posts Groaned at 2 Times in 2 Posts

Groaned at 627 Times in 401 Posts Steg - Matterhorn glacier paradise is operating. With a carrying capacity of 2'000 passengers an hour, the new Matterhorn glacier ride complements the existing cable car, which continues carrying 600 passengers an hour to the Matterhorn glacier paradise. Since November 2018, the new cableway of superlatives is operating all-year round, carrying up to 2'000 passengers per hour to Matterhorn glacier paradise (Klein Matterhorn). Please enter your details below or sign up with your Facebook or Google account. I am glad that there is a happy ending for all concerned. What will happen to the old Klein Matterhorn … It will be the world’s highest 3S cableway, serving Europe’s highest cableway station at the 3883m Klein Matterhorn from the Trockener Steg station. Unlike conventional cableways, which transport cabins on a single cable, the 3S system has separate hauling and support cables. What a traumatic experience. The Matterhorn glacier ride, the world’s highest 3S cableway, connects Trockener Steg with Matterhorn glacier paradise station at 3'883 metres. Groaned at 0 Times in 0 Posts

Your shopping basket If I'm to be totally honest I'm rather jealous From here, mountaineers and hikers accompanied by mountain guides set off to scale the Breithorn (4,164 m), a 2.5-hour climb up the perennial snows; for many hikers, this is their first ascent of a 4,000-metre peak. Glad you ok, and yes what a start to the new year you've all had!?! Does that mean that you then had to get into Scary scary stuff!

I'm in the turquoise with red bag, along with my dad, on the right... Thanked 1,485 Times in 713 Posts

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