kubota bx quick attachment snow plow

$2,099.00. This is not a mass produced plow, it is worked on by hand and I was more impressed when I actually got it. The auger contains 4 paddles to direct snow into the 4-blade impeller to direct the snow into the chute. It is my "back up" when my Son borrows the Truck's Plow to clear his property. It's the first week of March now, and we're still getting significant snowfall. Only available through Kubota Dealers. Only available through Kubota Dealers. Nothing but a five star plow for all the reasons above! (SGR15 Rock Grapple Photo shown for reference.) Only available through Kubota Dealers. This thing is great! I too like the above have stated, I have looked around at many others. I wish I had bought it years ago.Bought the 72" version in October of 2018. They can be set to cut depths as low as 1.5" and are available with three different volume drive motors to maximize performance on your SSV or SVL models. My gut says get the lighter duty 54" and do my own power angle option but the 60" option is very heavy duty and nice too just expensive.

(SA20 shown as reference only)

The blade weighs in at 250 lbs so there is a lot of steel in this thing to handle a 2000 lbs tractor banging it into the snow banks all day long.Another thing we thought about with the Ai2 Products Kubota BX attachments loader mounted snow plow is the serviceability of the blade. They make the plows to order I guess and I waited about two weeks for it to arrive. Kubota by Land Pride: This Tree Puller removes shrubs, saplings, and small trees; pulling them from the ground, roots and all. Kubota by Land Pride: The SC25 Skid Cutters are ideal for clearing grass, weeds, and brush up to 2" diameter. The SR2772 & SR2790 offers a rigid or float option, while the SRF2772 & SRF2790 both have a fixed hitch. widths and 26 in.

Waterjet cutting and custom fabrication - as well as quality attachments for Kubota BX and other compact tractors.

They are also available with a steel edge with a working width of 96". Kubota by Land Pride: SSP2596 Snow Pushers are designed to push snow straight ahead without leaving windrows or damaging the pavement below. The rubber eliminates damage to the pavement or lot striping on most surfaces while removing slush and snow. Our snow is dry and light, if it was wet heavy snow it would probably be too much. This is a must have attachment for people living in the snow belt!!

Tony thanks for your one on one time in person and over all the phone calls as well as the emails. Make your loader a snow shovel!

No drilling, etc. Only available through Kubota Dealers.

Does anyone have … Land Pride, a Kubota company, has joined forces with Kubota Tractor Corporation to bring to you a top quality growing line of attachments for your Kubota Skid Steer, Compact Track Loaders and Excavators.Kubota by Land Pride: The SA35 Series Skid Augers meets the industrial duty applications of nurseries, landscapers, contractors, construction companies, and municipalities. It operated just as good as my "Boss" Plow on my Chevy truck.

Skid shoe mounts and heavy duty cast skid shoes: $89. Kubota by Land Pride: SRT62 & SRT76 Forward and reverse rotation Rotary Tillers are great for seedbed or garden plot soil preparation.

Very pleasant to talk to . Snow plow has two angle positions, at 15 degrees and 30 degrees. They feature a 24" impeller and 16" auger. Being it’s not a bucket mounted snow plow it’s a very high visibility design. He does outstanding work. So you don’t have to try and look around your bucket to see where your blade is.

We also used standard off the shelf pickup style snow plow trip springs and skid shoes. Only available through Kubota Dealers.Kubota by Land Pride: SGC2072 & SGC2084 Claw Grapples make quick work of large jobs, and can be used to rake, dig and move rocks, trees, brush, and construction debris without picking up dirt.

Kubota by Land Pride: The SC4060 & SC4072 Skid Cutters are ideal for clearing grass, weeds, and brush up to 4" diameter. Great plow.After 10 years of plowing with a 5' grader blade on the back, I got the 6' plow for the front. This plow is very competitive priced and what you get is well worth it. Find apparel, hats, cups, bags, bar stools, and more in our apparel store.

New Rk - $1,850.00 New Rk 87 Skid Steer Hydraulic Dozer Blade Snow Plow Snowplow Buy Now. Follow us and give us feedback!Ai2 Products is still supporting all your Kubota needs. Only available through Kubota Dealers.

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