lady mary seymour 1470

I wonder if that’s what happened here…she was a financial burden and so little–babies are hard work. He did not long survive his wife and died a traitor's death on 20 th March 1549. and don’t forget there was a small chapel that is no longer there ,maybe she was buried in there. Lady Mary Seymour 1470-1533 William Courtenay-1485 Mary Seymour-1734 About FamilySearch It's all about family. If she sounded a little angry, It may have been because Mary’s family rejected her.I think that Mary was a financial burden to the Duchess. Catherine Parr and I share the same grandmother..Elizabeth FitzHugh..Elizabeth was Thomas Parr’s mother, and Thomas was Catherine’s father..Too many documents have been lost to history to state that no claim was made on Thomas Seymour’s estate. If it is indeed the epitaph of Mary Seymour then we know at least that there was someone who grieved for her and what could have been….I’m glad there may be a confirmation of what happened to that poor little girl. A system error has occurred. Image courtesy of Ray Biggs, Private Collection.Acts of the Privy Council of England. Lady Mary Seymour 1 F, #24534, d. 18 January 1570 Last Edited= 6 Nov 2017 Consanguinity Index= 0.02% Lady Mary Seymour was the daughter of Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset and Anne Stanhope. is there documentation on this anywhere or was this done back then ?What a sad story to happen ..being a mother and not know what your child future going holds.

She was born around 1500 in Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, the daughter of Sir Robert Dymoke of … The poor Duchess had to fight for the government to release Thomas Seymour’s remaining assets but it looks like it was too late by the time they did so.

1 She married, secondly, John Broughton. It hath stirred these three days every morning and evening, so that I trust when ye come it will make you some pastime.Kateryn Parr. First, I will as it were under Benedicite, and in high secrecy, declare unto you that all the world knoweth, though I go never so covertly in my net, what a very beggar I am. In a letter from 9 June 1548, Thomas Seymour writes to his wife:By all accounts both parents were overjoyed with the birth of a healthy daughter, but their joy was short-lived. I see a happier ending… I know to some it may sound crazy..but I really think Mary would of done better..other please have ur opinions open to hear them.. Anne’s husband was Sir Thomas LeStrange, and was esquire to the body of Henry, as well as being one of Henry Tudor’s closest friends.

I was puzzled by this, as the child in the picture is older than Mary was if she died in 1550 as is supposed. Verify and try again.The email does not appear to be a valid email address. Managed by: Daniel Robert … Subscribe to email updates from Tudors Dynasty. It is nice to imagine an alternative life for Mary. Thomas and Catherine named the little girl Mary after her godmother, the future Queen Mary I.

Maybe she had some kidness before her early deathMy boss told me she is a direct decentent of Catherine Parr this would mean that Mary Seymor did survive passed the age of twoI would love to read her tree. Wasn’t the baby name after Mary1, I know her & Catherine had w good relationship. Why would they do that in 1550 (when Mary was last mentioned in the records), during the reign of the staunchly Protestant Edward VI? Is it too much of a stretch to assume that ‘if’ she survived plague and the Sweat that she may have fled to a protestant country -like Holland?

How do we create a person’s profile? Mary Peyvre is the daughter of Thomas Peyvre. All photos uploaded successfully, click on the Done button to see the photos in the gallery. There is no evidence that she was transferred to her uncle Northampton, or her aunt Anne Parr, Lady Herbert. This sickness (Lady Mary), as I have said, I promise you increaseth mightily upon me. Sudeley Castle, Mary’s birthplace, was now in the hands of her uncle Northampton. Catherine’s father was Sir Thomas Parr, and he was the son of Lady Elizabeth FitzHugh. Managed by: Jukka Salakari: Last Updated: today Also, King Edward would not be looked upon as being mean spirited, or unkind, to a helpless relative.I read somewhere in a book (probably one of the many biographies that I have of Catherine Parr – perhaps the Susan James bio that was part of the 2010 Anne Boleyn Experience goody bag?) Elizabeth FitzHugh, my 14th great grandmother, (came from a rich and Noble family..House of Neville) Elizabeth’s daughter was Anne Vaux. When Lady Mary transferred from Sudeley to Syon to Grimsthorpe, she came with a staff: Her Governess, Mrs. ElizabethJames, Susan; Catherine Parr – Henry VIII’s Last Love; pg 299 Aglionby, a nurse, two maids and other servants. Obviously there is no evidence, but I would love to know if Mary grew up to be married. The last evidence, the last proof that she existed.In his biography on Edward VI, Chris Skidmore claimed (without evidence given) that Thomas Seymour asked to see his daughter prior to his death. ?By 24 July 1549, the dowager Duchess of Suffolk was writing to William Cecil, who was at the time a secretary in Somerset’s household, pleading for what was promised:I have so wearied myself with letter to [the Duke and Duchess of Somerset]…? I have written to my lady Somerset as large; which was the letter I wrote, note this, with mine own hand unto you; alloted unto her, according to my lord’s grace’s promise. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. My 13th greatmother (Anne), grew up with Catherine Parr. For that reason, I find it hard to believe that Katherine Willoughby did not know that fact. If you have questions, please contact Please complete the captcha to let us know you are a real person.You need to confirm this account before you can sign in. I kind of thought she just grew up & lived in obscurity. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I think there was a cover up. To the modern reader, it seems obvious that the welfare of his niece was not a priority. couples who marry although there are more than 100 years difference in their ages.

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