midnight bus urban legend

But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.The Mysterious Circumstances Behind The Midnight Bus 375 Incident:The Dead Firefighter Francis Leavy's Ghostly Handprint Remains An Unsolved MysteryThe Mysterious Ghost Town Of Matsuo Kouzan – The Real Silent HillThe Mysterious Circumstances Behind The Midnight Bus 375 Incident: 2. Creepy urban legends are things that both frighten and delight us.
So let’s go into the details. 2. Even though the bodies were found only two days after they disappeared, they were very badly decomposed. An autopsy confirmed that there had been no intentional meddling with the bodies. “The Midnight Bus 375” or also known as “The Bus To Fragrant Hills” is a scary Chinese urban legend about a night bus and its horrific fate. It stopped at the South Gate next to the Summer Palace and when the doors opened, four passengers got on. However, the urban legend may have been based on a true story that could be related to a To get daily short stories, history bites and mystery updates, like us on This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. i though that it would like one of those stories, where the man in the middle of 2 other guys would be dead, and the other men were murderers…but i still like it… 6.5 outta 10Copyright © 2020. The Midnight Bus -- an Urban Legend From Beijing A young man and an old man, strangers to each other, got on Bus 302, the midnight bus. “I just saved your life!” “What? It was submerged in the Miyun reservoir, about 100KM from Fragrant Hills. He must have already murdered….this sent a chill down my spine 8 out of 10 qing dynasty robesi thought it would be a story of cannibals… Or all the people onboard were ghosts except the driver and the conductor but still the story was a li’l lame somewhere… 6 out of 10 busesYou know what i thought? 1. But many believe it supposed to be based on a true incident.The incident happened on the bleak night of 14th November 1995, in Beijing, China. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. He started sweating. The streets were empty except for the occasional motorists, and the only one at the bus stop with him was an old man (some say an old woman). How could they decompose so quickly?3. Midnight Game This urban legend is the only one which you can choose to experience for yourself, if you’re so inclined. The police searched the entire city, but could find no trace of it. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The man in the middle looked disheveled and his head was bowed, so nobody could see his face. He couldn’t say a word.The old lady called the police and told them what she had seen.The next day, Bus 375 failed to report to the station. There were two men who were supporting a third man between them, holding him up by his shoulders.The man in the middle was looking dishevelled and his head was bowed, so nobody could see his face and there was a dismal calm atmosphere inside the bus.Shortly after that, the old man picked up a fight with the young man under some silly pretext of stealing his wallet. The story for the midnight bus starts off normal, this was a regular bus that picked up passengers to aboard. The Midnight Bus (Beijing, China) A young man was on his way home late one night. There was an eerie silence. All they could hear was the wind whistling outside.After 3 or 4 stops, the young couple got off the bus. Two other passengers sat in the front close to the driver. Inside the bus, they discovered three badly decomposed bodies: The bus driver, the female conductor and an unidentified man.There were a number of other mysteries surrounding this case:1. Because the new three passengers did not have feet and were floating, they were not the living people at all, he explained. The driver stopped and when the doors opened, three people got on bus. The Midnight Game is the popular name for a supposed ancient Pagan ritual. They could be just actors shooting a costume drama in the vicinity. The 3rd body belonged to the man whom the two ghosts were supporting..

It so happened that there was a wind blowing through the window and I saw everything. The Sweet Girl of Ancol Bridge (Indonesia) This legend revolves around the ghost of …
It had vanished along with the driver and the female conductor.

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