montana elk population map 2019

Looking forward to finally being able to just research elk..I don’t think they make it confusing on purpose, but they are definitely not user friendly. Archery antelope hunters targeting water holes should expect fewer encounters since there are more options for critters to water, rifle deer hunters should expect to spend more time glassing since high vegetation offers better concealment, and heavy cover will make for tougher hiking for bird hunters and more difficult scenting conditions for gun dogs. I am a disabled veteran with hunting placards and recently moved from hunt unit 240 to 214.I want to try for elk but do not know anyone in this area. Access district and public hunting land maps. Thank you for your time.Hi John. Yes, keeping up with all the different state rules is confusing. The Ferris elk unit is over population objective by nearly three times, while the bull to cow ratio is sky high with more than 60 bulls per 100 cows. So, the whitetail population is holding steady overall, rather than increasing in most places. Thanks for any advice.No you do not have to pick a Hunting District (HD) when applying for the non-resident general elk license in Montana. Also how was the winter? And hiking in a few miles usually won't get you away from competition in these areas. So again Thank you!Thanks Terry… Most new DIY hunters to fair chase public land hunting don’t know what they are getting into.. but what a journey.I will try tp get you some pics, but I’m 70 and never signed up or used instagram but I’ll try to get you some pics somehow. It does give you the right to kill an elk anywhere the general season is open, but you must comply with the Hunt District’s (HDs aka units) regulations (see examples below)…First. Elk counts in western Montana were good this spring, continuing a long, upward population trend in western Montana in most locations.

Montana (/ m ɒ n ˈ t æ n ə / ()) is a state in the Northwestern United States.Montana has several nicknames, although none are official, including "Big Sky Country" and "The Treasure State", and slogans that include "Land of the Shining Mountains" and more recently "The Last Best Place".

A brow tined only means that i cannot harvest a bull with a main beam less than 4 inches, correct? It's tough to get a mountain to yourself, particularly on opening weekend, but you will still likely have room to hunt. HDs with no marks were within (+/-20%) to their objective populations.For specific examples, I will pick two HDs (or groups of HDs) from each region and also put the data into Table 2.Notice on Map 2 that HDs 100 (Purcell) and 104 (Lower Clark Fork) in Region 1 are both colored green (objective is between 201 – 500 elk) and are both below objective.The elk objectives for HD 100 is 300 elk and 225 elk for HD 104, but actual estimates of the elk population (after the 2015 hunt in 2016) was 173 and 160 elk respectively, so these units are below objective. Data from general tags, B Licenses and Elk Permits that have to be drawn are all lumped together.If it makes you feel any better, I also have a hard time getting specific questions answered from Montana FWP. Maybe i misread, but it is very difficult for a non res to draw and elk permit anywhere.Thanks Mike. JavaScript is disabled. Great experience both times. The recent mule deer research project is providing FWP with promising information regarding mortality: The mule deer does FWP collared in the Fisher River project area (part of HD 103) have the lowest mortality rates of mule deer amongst the three mule deer study areas. Four or the ecoregions are forested mountain types, two are Great Plains prairie types and a very small section of the Wyoming Basin is a sagebrush desert.While the two largest plains sections make up over 65% of the state, most of the elk are in the western mountains.Most of the public land is in the western mountains and most land in the plains regions are private ranches and farms.The remainder of the state consists of the Middle, Northern, and Canadian Rockies and combined with a small section of the Idaho Batholith ecoregion, make up just over a third of the state.Elk are primarily found in the mountains, including small isolated ranges that or found in the middle of the Great Plains regions.

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