nanobeam ac gen2 point to point setup

NBE‑5AC‑Gen2 I followed this I can login into both antennas, but when I do a site survey I do not see the AP. Models: NBE-5AC-Gen2 Dimensions 189 x 189 x 125 mm (7.44 x 7.44 x 4.92") Weight 530 g (1.17 lb) Gain 17 dBi Networking Interface (2) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports Wi-Fi for Management Enclosure Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic Max. I can login into both antennas, but when I do a site survey I do not see the AP. Incorporating innovative industrial design with proprietary airMAX Powerful Wireless Features • Access Point PtMP airMAX Mixed Mode Improved Surge Protection The NanoBeam ® AC features enhanced protection against ESD events. Alternatively, the device may be reset remotely via a Reset button located on the bottom of the Gigabit PoE Adapter.This Gigabit Ethernet port provides passthrough PoE to power and connect a 24V passive PoE device to the network.The Power LED will light blue when the device is connected to a power source.The LED will light steady blue when an active Ethernet connection is made to the Main port and flash when there is activity.The LED will light steady blue when an active Ethernet connection is made to the LAN2 port and flash when there is activity.In airOS®, you can modify the threshold value for the wireless signal strength LEDs on the Wireless tab under Signal LED Thresholds. Find the steps on how to make this configuration for both AC and M devices below. Software airOS® 8 is the revolutionary operating system for Ubiquiti® airMAX ac products. For more details, visit This Gigabit Ethernet port is used to connect the power and should be connected to the LAN and DHCP server.To reset to factory defaults, press and hold the Reset button for more than 10 seconds while the device is powered on.
This article provides the configuration needed to create a L2 point-to-point link.

NanoBeam 5AC Gen 2 is versatile and cost‑effective to deploy. The settings are very similar with just small modifications that will be pointed out for each configuration. The default threshold values for these LEDs are shown below:Go to the appropriate mounting instructions: Pole Mounting or The NanoBeam must be mounted directly to a wood stud or other structurally stable surface to avoid damage to the mounting hole when you adjust the aim.To enhance stability, you can use the NanoBeam Wall Mount Kit, model NBE-WMK (sold separately).Devices must be professionally installed and it is the professional installer’s responsibility to make sure the device is operated within local country regulatory requirements. We recommend that you protect your networks from harmful outdoor environments and destructive ESD events with industrial-grade, shielded Ethernet cable from Ubiquiti.

The NanoBeam ® AC integrates a separate Wi-Fi radio for fast and easy setup using your mobile device.

I have both antennas setup.
Each LED will light when the wireless signal strength is equal to or greater than the LED’s threshold value. NBE‑2AC‑13,

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