oya and oshun

Like Oshun, She is worshipped not only in Africa but in Brazil, where the Amazon is said to be Her river, and where She is equated with the Virgin Mary as Our Lady of La Candelaria. Fans, seashells, canoes, coral, and the moon all represent her. She fulfills devotees’ wishes, providing wealth, employment, love, beauty, and protection. They all went back, got it, and continue to serve it to their audiences. By using Learn Religions, you accept ourThe Orishas: Aganyu, Babalu-Aye, Chango, and ElegguaThe God of Wealth and Other Deities of Prosperity and MoneySatanic Infernal Names of Biblical and Hebraic OriginThe Five Element Symbols of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Spirit While other orishas have different "paths," or aspects to them, Orunla has only one. Oshun is a powerful witch and an expert at divination.Oshun is the youngest, sweetest, and smallest orisha, but she may be the toughest:• When Ogun was depressed and sulking in the forest, who was the only orisha capable of lifting his spirits and bringing him back to civilization? She is a rather tempestuous, commanding orisha, responsible for windstorms and electrocution. Slice or divide it into five portions. She is associated with Our Lady of Candlemas, St. Teresa and He is forced to use a twisted tree branch as a crutch, which is a common symbol for him. He is most often associated with Pope St. Sylvester I, but he is also sometimes associated with St. John, St. Ambrose, St Anthony Abad, St. Joseph, and St. Benito. Her very favorite offering is honey.

She is also associated with rivers and other sources of fresh water. Okay, you say, but that's not love. multimodal site born to a decolonial feminist / cultural analyst / and dub doctor, Ph.D.As strong as Shango is, Yoruba myth tells that Shango gains some of his powers and strength from his wives.

But really, all three of Shango’s wives — Oshun, Oba, and Oya — are powerful feminine Orishas in their own right and, not surprisingly, Jamaican singer Jah9 (pronounced Jah-nine) may be the quintessential representation of the three goddesses.Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is it that we see? Do not bring them close together unless you wish to see sparks fly. All offerings of untasted honey will be rejected, and you may be looked upon with suspicion. She accepts flowers, and fans made from peacock feathers or yellow sandalwood. She is a rather tempestuous, commanding orisha, responsible for windstorms and electrocution. Was the smallest Oya and Oshun took care while doing this also fished in the river and collected stones, which they sold. Shango’s first wife, Oba is the Orisha of marriage and partnership.

Women are welcome at the shrine throughout the year to immerse themselves for a fertility boost.If you petition Oshun for children, then eating pumpkins and yellow squash in any form, including the seeds is taboo for you.

During the Manley years, the country was sent into a kind of lockdown, but this was also a time of innovative opportunity and identity building. Oya is the powerful Yorùbá Orisha of the winds and tempests. Oya rules the dead and is involved with the ancestors, cemeteries, and the wind. It is also traditional for mothers to attend the festival accompanied by their nursing babies as a gesture of gratitude toward Oshun. Oshun is also associated with Ibu Kole, the vulture. During the wars of the 19th century, her centers of worship moved to the more secure town Ogbomosho. With public debate booming about a young girl's right to wear her hair in dreadlocks at school, one wonders if any of us are ready to take a long look at ourselves in the mirror of history. Sacrifices and requests are made, particularly regarding fertility. Shango asked Oshun how would she escape and Oshun said to him .. I think there's not a soul on earth who thinks that but me. She is also a warrior, sometimes depicted as putting on pants or even a beard to go to war, particularly at Chango's side. Oshun has dominion over things that flow: water, honey, love, money, mother’s milk, and so forth.Her power extends over various parts of the human anatomy, particularly the reproductive organs. A peacock feather, fan, mirror, or boat may represent her, and her colors are red, green, yellow, coral, amber, and violet. I’m sharing this post just to make sure you digest it without complication. Oshun.• When the orishas needed to get in touch with the remote Supreme Creator, who was the only orisha capable of flying to Heaven? Working toward one's destiny is to promote harmony. […]This episode is about the collision of past and future and the making of an uncomfortable present. Okay, I say, but maybe it is. Both are married to Shango, and theirs is a long enmity. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. She can manifest as winds ranging from the gentlest breeze to the raging hurricane or cyclone.

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