phenomenal woman questions and answers

She says that people desire, or rather, need her for her caring and gentle nature.The last four lines of the poem form the refrain that has previously occurred in the poem, but in these lines there is a small modification in the words. GradeSaver, The poet asserts that the looks alone do not define beauty, but it is the whole of human character and disposition that constitute for its parameters.The poem was published as one of the four pieces in a short volume of poetry titled ‘The Poem is  divided into four stanzas, each one starting with a scenario or a question, answering it and finally providing a justification for the same.

The Bible introduces us to many women whose lives can teach us valuable lessons.

It uses refrain too which means it repeats certain sentences again and again such as ‘Phenomenal woman’ and the part ‘that’s me’.There are in total four stanzas without any constant numbers of lines.

These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Phenomenal Woman (Maya Angelou poem) by Maya Angelou.Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. "The sun of my smile" (metaphor) - The speaker's smile is depicted as glowing and warm, like the sun. Both sexes are in awe of the speaker's unique beauty, despite the fact that she contradicts everything they have ever learned in society about beauty.Autobiographical poetry, African-American poetry, feminist poetry.There is no clearly specified setting. A phenomenal woman celebrates her sexuality without any inhibition. In this poem, Phenomenal Women, Maya Angelou establishes her own standard of beauty, power and social position. They try to understand what makes her so exceptional.

Her arms are a symbol for her path to her dreams. It is to break out from the model of life created by the other gender or any oppressive society for a woman. This may also be a covert reference to racism, as the speaker (Angelou) is a black woman and people may be judging her through this lens. In the final stanza, she addresses the listener for the first time and suggests that she will always continue to be a phenomenal woman, as she is such a person "now" and therefore always will be.The speaker alludes to society's definition of beauty by explaining how she does not fit the build of a "fashion model." It is in the ride of her breast; in the way her bosom tardily falls and rises, signifying her dignity and elegance.

Summary Stanza 1 .

She expects us to understand why she prides on herself, and why she is so self-confident. Phenomenal Woman: About the Poem. "My inner mystery" (metonymy) - The inner mystery stands for the inner qualities that are invisible to the eye and make up the speaker's personality.

Someone who celebrates the way she is without trying to confirm to the standard created by others. It’s in the warm and inviting ‘sun’ of her smile.

A phenomenal woman celebrates her sexuality without any inhibition. Her eyes are fiery. In the first stanza, the poet says Pretty women wonder.The pretty woman refers to the woman of fair skin (probably the Whites).According to the poet, the beautiful women keep wondering how the poet in spite of being not cute or build to suit a fashion model’s size, is attractive and appreciated by the people. Pretty women look at her and still cannot understand why they lack what she has, and the irony is that they are supposed to be prettier than her. Throughout her life Angelou actively participated in The poet says that ‘pretty women’ wonder what it is about her that makes her so successful and confident in spite of her not-so-alluring appearance. Further the words ‘curl of my lips’ suggest that the poet has large lips.

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