plans for rc pt boat

I had no luck finding anything that suited my budget, so I decided to scratch build my own.This is a write-up on how to build a simplified semi scale PT 109 or any other PT-103-class Elco 80-footer. 1:32 and 1:24 in a single zip file.

Links-----The Elco PT593 Model. Follow the link above to learn more about them.I've developed three sets of semi-scale plans for the PT-109.Here is a list of static model kits. You don´t know how to use AutoCAD yet. Red, black and white paint. If you want to build a planing hull scale model, consider a PT boat. Part Three: Planking the hull. Step 2: Materials Needed. The larger PC PT boat plan is intended for a dual Mabuchi RS-540-type RC motor setup. This article series also serves as a how-to to go along with the PT-109 plan that I sell.. Part One: Background & build kick-off Part Two: Assemble the hull frame. It comes up on Ebay quite often actually.

Scratch Building an RC PT 109. PT boats stands for patrol torpedo boats – Why the US Navy didn't adhere to the internationally recognized term "Motor Torpedo Boat" is a mystery. The build log and plans have been popular with visitors to this site and I've received requests for a larger, dual-motor option.Both these plans consist of two sheets. As I posted the plans and my build log on this site, I received requests for a larger version, and the 1:24 scale version was developed.These first two plans have become quite popular and I have received many helpful comments and ideas (please, keep them coming - use the Again, as a result of your feedback, I have added a There is a series of pages on this website showing my slow, but steady progress of the RC PT 109. RC Boat Step 1: The Plans. Inkjet with white and decal sheets. The list include plastic, resin, wood and paper (card) kits.This list and review includes models that are either directly intended for RC or of plastic model kits large enough to be considered for an RC conversion.The list is as a result of looking high and low for a low cost alternative. For a single-motor setup, I'd consider up-sizing and centering the rudder for better control. Here is a list of entries so far:The PT boat I'm building is at 1:32 scale - the same as the famous Lindberg kit of the PT-109.

Higgins 78' Boat . Again, a single or a pair of brushless motors could be used if that's within your budget. If you'd like to review a book on this subject, or would like to recommend a different book, use the form below.Most of these kits are still in production, while some are not. Free Model PT Boat Plans from

Step 3: … General model Photo's "Boatographs" Hull Construction Photo's Drive Train Photo's Electric's Photo's there are two "bundles" of these plans: 1.

Here you have the boat plans in .dwg and .pdf format. The second sheet show the deck house layout and the templates to build them. Rc ship plans - page 2 cruiser bolzano - 1932 (incrociatore bolzano) this is a free to download set of plans for the cruiser bolzano for the 1930's in italy - incrociatore bolzano. This article series also serves as a how-to to go along with the Below is a sampling of books if you want to learn more about the Patrol Torpedo Boats from World War Two.

The plans show a lot of detail, without being intimidating, and could produce a truly handsome boat.The two plan sets are available in a single zip file. Books. Not surprising, most kits are of PT-109 and other Elco 80 ft PTs.

Schnellboot latest detail - see latest news page . Alternatively, a single 600-size motor could be used with a single propeller. The great navies of the world were wrapped up in an arms race building bigger and faster capital ships with ever more and heavier guns, and with thicker armor protection.All navies, big and small were looking for ways to upset the stalemate. This is a write-up on how to build a simplified semi scale PT 109 or any other PT-103-class Elco 80-footer.

Part Four: Adding hatch coaming and deck to the model. Reproduction Photo's. For instance, the Lindberg 1:32 PT-109 is OOP, but is a very important kit in this context.

Order below. The acronym stands for Patrol Torpedo and it was the US answer to what is otherwise known as a motor torpedo boat. Sand papers. The first sheet show the General arrangements and all templates to finish the hull. The submarine and the Motor Torpedo Boats were developed as powerful weapons to challenge even a vastly superior battle fleet.There were three principal manufacturers of these boats that have their names associated with US navy PTs of WW2. I originally developed the first of these PT boat plans to build my own Elco PT-109 similar to the 1:32 scale Lindberg plastic kit I had as a teenager. They are, after all, functionality the same thing.Motor Torpedo Boats were developed in the dawn of the 20th century. For plans and everything you need to know to build a model of one of these, go to PT-boat… Polyester resin.

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