pool turned green after rain

One way of avoiding a thunderstorm turning your pool green is to shock the pool with chlorine as soon as possible after the storm. There was finally some green in the filter, along with a bunch of ants. 24 hours later with pump running constantly, PSI climbed up to 6.5 or maybe 7. I am impressed at how much easier it is to read this test. Chlroine levels should be between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm.

If the Shock Treatment Turned Your Water Green.

However, many homeowners discover that their pool looks a lot less appealing after a serious rainstorm, full of cloudy or even green water. it can discolor and possibly further damage the lining of those with above ground pools.In a matter of hours you will see a clear difference.Since the shock process will take time, especially if your pool has turned a dark green, we should make sure the rest of our filtration system is working well.This would be a good time to clear the skimmer and the pump filter.

The more algae-free your pool is at all times, the less likely you are to have problems.Oxidising the water regularly will get rid of organic wastes and other material that the algae can use as food.Keeping sanitisers at a consistent level will greatly reduce the algae population as will using a specific algaecide. I guess, but wouldn't the chlorine just get burned up by the sun? This copper can occur naturally in the water or come from copper plumbing that is leeching into the pool.

I cleaned the filter just for grins and so I felt like I was doing something, but it was only up to 7psi from 6. Also check the filters as well as the pump and skimmer baskets to make sure they aren’t clogged.

Since the shock process will take time, especially if your pool has turned a dark green, we should make sure the rest of our filtration system is working well.

Without knowing what the chemical readings were the last time they were there or how well the filtration and flow is, it's difficult to say if anyone has added chlorine reducer to cause it to turn green.

Switched to using liquid chlorine at that time on advice of local pool store. Dirt, debris, rain water, and even lightning all affect the overall water chemistry of your pool, and can put a strain on your equipment. Debris; On windy days, leaves, twigs, and other debris blow into the water.

When your pool water turns from a lovely shade of blue to a sickly green, there’s only one reason: pool algae. Read on for tips on how to maintain and clean your pool after a rainstorm and keep the water swimmable all summer long.While the rain itself doesn’t generally harm your pool, it can dilute the carefully balanced chemistry in the water.

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The stronger levels of a super shock product will quickly kill or neutralise any organic substances in your pool. Even with good maintenance and preparation, after a prolonged rain shower your pool water may be overwhelmed with algae and turn green.

Still didn't switch to decent testing supplies. A quick cleanup is essential to minimize any potential issues like algae, cloudy water, or excessive filter pressure. You can open the drain, backwash the sand filter, or follow whatever the proper procedure is for your installation to get the water back down to around the center of the skimmer float.Once you verify that you have the correct amount of water in your pool, it’s time to check on the Typically, your pool should fall within the following ranges, but check your manual for specific instructions for your setup:Verify that the water is able to properly complete its journey through all the circulatory equipment, and the filter pressure is at normal levels. He now writes about green energy technology, home energy efficiency, the natural gas industry, and the electrical grid.Direct Energy offers the tools and technology to help you buy less of what we sell. How to Prevent your Pool from Turning Green After a Rainstorm Watch the weather forecast to balance your pool water before rainfall.

Pool water turns green because of algae in the water.

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