quotes for my boyfriends mom

Mother-in-law is being portrayed as a bad influence but I’m positive that your influence on me these few weeks have been life-changing. Happy birthday …

I call you “Mom” not because I don’t have a mom but your characters are truly worthy of emulation.

Mom-in-law, Happy Birthday.20.

Happy Birthday, Ma.80. Many find it hard to cope or even get a mother-in-law that’s true and pure but I’m so lucky to fall in your arms of sincere love which I don’t deserve.

I can’t thank you enough. #28: Mom, you light everyone’s life with your amazing smile, I wish you a birthday that’s sweet as you are, mom. No amount of messages will be equal to the love you’ve shown me. Congratulations, Mom, a happy life is my deepest desire for you. I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!10. Happy birthday, Ma.37. 13 Thank-Yous For My Boyfriend's Mom, Who I Can't Thank Enough. Happy Birthday, Ma.26. I think of you, I pray for you and I wish you many graceful years ahead. 1.

. May good health be your portion.75. Every word you say is wired to something beautiful and meaningful. Happy Birthday, Ma.100. Happy Birthday, Ma.88. I’m certain these Special Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend’s Mom would gladden your desires.I know it feels burdensome to want the best of words for someone you care for, or at least someone you should care for, on their special day. One of the greatest treasure any human can have on earth is a mother. All great things that are your portion shall be accrued to you.

"A mother’s love is everything. May heaven answer your prayers now and forever. You have drawn my heart closer to you and I would not want to withdraw it.

May all closed doors be opened for you and your glory rise. You’re rare to come by.

Mother’s Day is the most special day as it is dedicated to the moms. Let me tread this courageous path with you. Live long mom-in-law. Thanks for everything.

Happy Birthday, mom-in-law.Sweet Happy Birthday Text Messages for My Boyfriend’s Mom. If others say I’ve made a mistake of having a prayerful mom-in-law, I would never want to correct it.

May heaven pray for you and when you need someone to help you, God will arise for you. May God continually make your family excel above in all difficulty.

Thanks for being an understanding mother. Happy birthday, ma. I thank God for the opportunity of meeting a star like you.

I wish you a happy birthday full of life.106.

You’ve been a source of light. Happy Birthday, Ma.24. Happy Birthday, mom-in-law.64. You’ve not acted to me like a mother-in-law, rather, like an inspiration and a guardian. Happy Birthday, Ma.93. I would rather cry with you than laugh with anyone else because even crying with you makes me happy. Thanks always for being true. Happy Birthday, Ma.79. Mother’s Day Card Messages for Boyfriends Mother 1. May heaven treat your prayers in haste and cause good things to happen. Whatever diminishes joy, shall not come nigh thy dwelling. Happy Birthday, Ma.47. Happy Birthday, Ma.43. I mind my business especially with mothers-in-law around but yours is an exemption because I want you in my business. We’re so excited when we’re with him that we quiver with happiness. Happy Birthday, Ma.56. For more birthdays to come, you shall live to celebrate even greater. The example you portray gives my heart peace that it’s a home of Joy. I love you. Happy Birthday, Mom-in-law.19. Happy happy birthday, Ma.92. May you be filled with so many pleasant surprises and favour from all corners. I may not be able to call the world to celebrate with you but I want to tell you from my heart that I pray you live to see more fruitful years in peace.

If you hadn’t given birth to this charming guy I call my boyfriend, how would I have met an outstanding mom-in-law whose heart is of gold?

This is your boyfriend’s mom (or your mother-in-law) this time. Dear mother-in-law, you’re one of the bravest I’ve ever met. And I find myself so lucky to find my second mother in you….. No words in the world can express how much I love you and respect you….. You are probably the best mom one can ask for….. You are the strongest pillar of strength, you are the ocean of love and affection, you are the supermom…… Thank you for being so loving towards me….

It gladdens my heart when I see how wonderful and loving you are.

Happy birthday, Ma.34. You leave me speechless with your graced attitude. Free Daily Quotes. God sends moms in our lives as loving angels and I am surely the most loving child of God as I have two mothers to love me, take care of me and make life so beautiful for me….. Wishing you a very wonderful and blessed Mother’s Day.7. Have the best birthday celebration Ma.49. Happy super birthday, ma.101. I’m not regretting being in love with your son, mom-in-law.

The way you motivate me with your lifestyle I’m happy.

Nothing swells the fountain of my heart than the true smile and confidence you pile up in me, mom-in-law. Though you are not my biological mother but you are not less than her…… You have always taken good care of me just... 3. You’re a great virtue. … I tasted goodness in your son, I followed him to the source of his goodness and here I found favour like a fountain. People got confused with the kind of relationship that exists between us.

I am extremely lucky to have you in my life….. Sending my love and warm wishes on the occasion of Mother’s Day.6. I’m so proud to call you my mom. Love you mother-in-law. … I feel special that I would be among this joyous family filled with love, an open mind, truth and goodness.

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