ruger gp100 wiley clapp

Other than that, the Wiley Clapp GP100 can fall prey to the same malfunctions and problems that could plague any revolver.It’s folly to suggest that “revolvers don’t jam.” That’s not to say that all modern semi-automatic firearms have guaranteed, malfunction-free performance, but the argument that one type of weapon is somehow less prone to malfunctioning is belied by the inevitable truth that all things will eventually fail. The best group measured 1.2 inches. 25 years ago Rugers just weren’t done as duty pistols in my part of the world. There’s no doubt that as time goes by the #1752 Wiley Clapp GP100’s value will increase not just because of the limited production numbers but primarily because it’s a phenomenal GP100, possibly the best ever made, both in it’s design performance and it’s beautiful appearance.I like this revolver but wouldn’t carry it. Synthetic rubber grips with wood inserts. But the vast majority of self defense shootings are just that, shootings not shootouts. Revolvers can be heavy. Carton plein de ce côté-ci.L’arme est intégralement réalisée en inox, mais elle reçoit une finition sablée semblable à un phosphatage.

The cylinder broke open smoothly when attempting a speed load, and the large cut placed in the left side of the grip made speedloader insertion easy and allowed them to fall cleanly.When shooting the El Presidente Drill, it’s hard not to notice how much longer it takes to reload than it does a semiauto, but it’s also hard not to notice how fast you can shoot due to the heavy all-steel frame helping keep the muzzle on target. Gun Details. I’d take a pis tol over a revolv er in a shootout too. Ruger’s Single-Six, the first of its single-action revolvers, was introduced in 1953 when TV Westerns and movies had made cowboy-style firearms popular again.

Much better than I thought. Unfortunately, it now is joined on the bucket list with so many other fine specimens and the budget is blown. Acheter GP100 WILEY CLAPP EDITION Catégorie B REVOLVERS RUGER chez Humbert distributeur d'armement sur les secteurs de la chasse, du tir et de la Défense. Said to have been inspired by the dashboard of Bill Ruger’s BMW, the GP100 uses a stem that protrudes down from the receiver and slips into the Santoprene grip instead of the traditional pair of scales bolted onto either side of a full-profile grip frame. If somebody had asked me about placing a Novak sight on a revolver, I would’ve said it would be awkward. The wieght is also a factor in everyday carry.I have been spoiled by pistols and revolvers weighing ounces or pounds less that deliver substantial power.Waiting on Ruger (or Smith) to bring out a 357/38 with a polymer frame that will be in the 20 -22oz range and carry six shots. The push-in release is much easier to operate than a push-forward or pull-back release when digital dexterity is at a minimum, which it will likely be during conflict.The smooth trigger with its slight radius proved very comfortable and easy to depress straight to the rear. I’m not liking the adjustable rear at all. The stem is held in place in the rubber grips by a solid cylindrical locking piece, which is in turn secured by the wooden insert panels on either side. It’s a great revolver and lots of fun to shoot. The double action trigger is smooth and fast with a predictable reset and the single action trigger pull is short and clean. Add in a mixed bag of 180 various .357 Magnum hollow points with bullet weights ranging from 50 to 158 grains, and I fired just a bit under 800 rounds through the GP100. L’arme est intégralement réalisée en inox, mais elle reçoit une finition sablée semblable à un phosphatage. Height: 5.7 in.

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