severe stomach pain from spinach

I didn't know it's from lyme. The rash is itchy and associated with severe burning Fruits and vegetables are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. With varicose veins, the valves do not function properly, allowing blood to remain in the vein. If the individual ate spinach and starts experiencing minor to moderate stomach pain or cramps that continue to increase and result to diarrhea and vomiting, a doctor should be consulted.Remember that food poisoning can occur after eating spinach that has been contaminated by infectious organisms such as bacteria, parasites or toxins.

She holds a registered nurse license from Citizens General Hospital School of Nursing, a Bachelor of Arts in health care education from California University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Science in health administration from the University of Pittsburgh.

As the condition progresses, the painful episodes may become more frequent and severe. The underlying problems could be pointing towards acid reflux, liver, or gallbladder disease, gastritis, pancreatitis, and even inflammation of the upper digestive tract or can be a possibility of an ulcer in the upper digestive tract.People consuming alcohol have a tendency to ignore these symptoms because they feel that after a while it will go away. In most cases, the symptoms can last for 1-10 days.A doctor should be consulted if the individual notices blood in the vomit or stool, fever or if the symptoms become worse for more than 3 days. Eventually, a constant dull pain can develop in your tummy, between episodes of severe pain. Although the pain sometimes comes on after eating a meal, there's often no trigger. This side effect of spinach is because of the presence of oxalate in spinach.

The passage of gas can relieve this. If symptoms persist, call your doctor.Food poisoning can occur from eating any food. If the cramps are consistent every time you eat spinach, you may have a condition called histamine intolerance. may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. During the procedure a flexible tube in inserted in the mouth and threaded down into the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum. Your body does not digest fiber, which helps to maintain regularity and promotes bulk-forming and solid stools. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM Spinach is a high-fiber vegetable; when you eat large amounts, it could cause stomach cramps, bloating and diarrhea.

Eating spinach also increases your dietary fiber, which could lead to temporary stomach cramping and other digestive symptoms. This is not the right approach to treat problem of stomach ache because as well have already discussed, the causes could be many and so are the treatment options.Sometimes avoiding alcohol can resolve this problem altogether but sometimes a treatment pattern may have to be followed.When a patient visits the doctor the doc generally starts with physical examination; asks questions to the patient to understand timing, and duration of pain and what triggers it and also evaluate other symptoms like Some serious causes of stomach pain could be appendicitis; When a child suffers from severe stomach pain and the doctor after examining the child thinks it’s beyond colic then the underlying causes are likely to be pointing a finger towards more serious conditions like Pyeloric Stenosis, appendicitis, and Intussusceptions.Needless to mention immediate treatment should be sought.If stomach ache is due o allergy to some food the food should be avoided; like eggs wheat, spinach etc. Eating too much spinach may cause digestive distress and promote the formation of kidney stones due to its high oxalate content.

You can drink slightly flattened ginger ale or nibble on crystallized ginger. Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K which plays a very important role in blood clotting. The common allergic symptoms associated with spinach allergy include, Severe abdominal pain and colic accompanied with gastro intestinal distress in the form of diarrhea and vomiting Appearance of skin rash and hives all over the body.

Stomach cramps that occur after consuming spinach may be a sign of a more serious condition, or they may be related to food poisoning. As with everything else, moderation is key. Gallstones are stone-like objects that can form in your gallbladder or bile ducts. Air in the colon can result in bloat. Call 911 if your abdominal pain is severe … It is often possible to treat the symptoms using home remedies. The consumption of spinach can also increase the intake of dietary fiber that can momentarily cause stomach cramps along with other digestive symptoms.

I was suffering very much. If stomach cramping becomes a common symptom after eating, you may have a more serious condition such as irritable bowel syndrome. Tissue samples can be taken to be evaluated by a pathologist. Had this ever since i was little but getting worse now?" Spinach is a common vegetable used in casseroles and salads and as a side dish. If it is a side effect of some medicine like folic acid and iron, it should be brought to the notice of the doctor who prescribed it.If gases is the cause of sever stomach ache it should be treated. I didn't make the connection until today, when it happened again. Gallstones. However, in some cases, abdominal pain may warrant a trip to the doctor. may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

The consumption of spinach can also increase the intake of dietary fiber that can momentarily cause stomach cramps along with other digestive symptoms. Mild abdominal pain may go away without treatment. Talk with your doctor to receive a proper diagnosis.Histamine is a chemical compound created in the body to protect against infection and disease. In case the stomach pain becomes a common symptom after eating spinach, the individual might have a more serious condition such as irritable bowel syndrome. Food poisoning occurs when you eat spinach that is contaminated with an infectious organism such as bacteria, toxins or parasites, according to PubMed Health. This is more concerning and needs work-up. The only treatment for histamine intolerance is to avoid foods and beverages that contain this substance.Spinach is a high-fiber vegetable; when you eat large amounts, it could cause stomach cramps, bloating and diarrhea.

The fiber in spinach can lead to bloating and stomach pain.

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