short tailed opossum for sale

These Are Flightly But Not Aggressive, Best For Experienced Handlers Siblings in a litter also need to be watched closely or they may attack, kill or starve their smaller or weaker brothers and sisters. They are also partially immune to the venom of many snakes, such as pit vipers, rattlesnakes, and cottonmouths. Mites are not usually a problem because their fur is so dense.

Amazingly sweet and spoiled opossums available to legal states, shipping available. They are weaned and ready to leave the pouch between 70 and 125 days. Males and females available. No shipping available. Filter Results by: Displaying 1 to 10 (of … Well socialized and healthy babies from a licensed breeder. The only legal way to ship STO is via airline - it is illegal to For more information see the list of short-tailed opossum Health Concerns & Questions for more information about their common health problems and a list of vets that are willing to treat STO.Many short-tailed opossums, particularly when young, occasionally eat their own waste products. Your short-tailed opossum needs a cage (at least 20 gallons), a nesting box, water bottle or bowl, food dish, exercise wheel (at least 8″), and climbing material or branches. This is especially important after handling other pets or food, as STO may bite you accidentally if they think you smell like food. Some states and cities require proof that your exotic pet was purchased legally, so request and keep a receipt from the pet store or breeder. Veterinarian teaching schools and local zoos may recommend good exotic vets in the area. three females, one male, not pets Litter weaning now! Since they are nomadic in the wild with large ranges, it has been speculated that the exercise wheel provides them an instinctual outlet for their energy. All of our babies come pre-spoiled, and with a healt Kansas City, Kansas » Opossums Hand feed baby opossum [stoutzsexotics] baby possum 4 sale. They can grow to about 4″ to 6″. If you're short on cash you could get a Color variations of STO are sometimes also available though frequently more expensive. Their bodies themselves have very little odor, though males sometimes have a slight 'musk' smell.

The preferred humidity range is 40%-50%. Some owners put a litterbox under the wheel and empty it frequently, or put clumping kitty-litter under the wheel. As of June 2006, hobby breeders with three or fewer breeding females do not need a USDA license to sell STO, but all other breeders and all retail pet stores need a current USDA license to sell them. The life span of a possum is between two and four years. Prices for the standard gray color STO usually range $50-$100 depending on geographic availability.

Very very reluctant sale.

We offer healthy and happy exotic animals that have been bred and raised in a TWRA state licenced and USDA federally licenced facility. Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Product Image Item Name-Price; Introducing Tanya, the short-tail opossum! (I personally use the Comfort Wheels with the mesh squares, instead of a solid wheel, because it's easier for the waste to fall to the floor.) Only $150 males & females ready to go now and upcoming litter! ∙ They are small animals growing to about 4-7" long with males being larger than females. Awesome little babies weaning soon. They eat frogs, rodents, birds, eggs, plants, fruit, and insects.For possums in captivity, the animals can be kept stimulated by hiding their favorite foods inside logs or hollow gourds.

Gray short-tailed opossums (STO) are a small, solitary, exotic marsupial gaining popularity as a "pocket pet". I strongly recommend against this because even though peaceful arrangements might last for a while, aggression if it does break out may happen very suddenly. Only $150 males & females ready to go now and upcoming litter! STOs are very clean, curious, and make friendly pets. This can mean some very messy wheels in the morning. Otherwise, if your STO gets ill you may waste valuable time searching for a vet who will agree to treat your pet.

STO can be grumpy if disturbed in their nest while sleeping. Short tailed opossums are tidy animals but are known to escape their enclosures. Vets can be found in the phone book or referrals from other vets.

Short tailed opossums are tidy animals but are known to escape their enclosures. Caluromys derbianus Mothers need to be monitored closely with their litters, especially after about 8 weeks of age because if she is overly stressed or irritated by the babies she may injure or kill them. They live by themselves in the wild and should be kept singly as pets.They are known by several different names, including "Brazilian short-tailed opossum", "South American Short Tail opossum", "Rainforest opossum", "Brazilian opossum" and "Laboratory opossum". I have a few males available for At one time time in the pet trade, there was an approximate 25% chance of injury or death per mating attempt. One suggestion is trying a variety of wheels until you find the best one for cleaning.

Some STO readily climb onto your hands, arms or clothing and can be picked up around the middle.

Brazilian Short Tailed Possums!!!! Resources can include newspaper and online classified ads, online message boards and mailing lists. The cage should not receive direct sunlight or UV-light from reptile lamps because STO are susceptible to skin cancer.In general, their cage should be kept away from other pets that may intimidate them; such as cats, dogs, large snakes and even some birds.

For shelter, they use tree cavities, brush piles, the dens of other animals, and even attics, sheds, and garages.Possums are opportunistic omnivores but the ratio of plant to animals varied depending on the species. At Frazier Farms Exotics we offer Virginia Opossums for sale. Wash your hands with mild soap before handling your STO. Some STO enjoy attention, being petted and played with, taking treats from their owner's hands and coming out of their cage. They stay inside the pouch where they continue to develop and nurse from their mother. Quick View ... sale. Christmas sale on Brazilian Short Tailed Opossum babies!!

3 1/2 month old Short Tailed Opossums.

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